Signature Programs are tailored to meet YOU!

WHO are these programs for? 

Women, Men and Couples who are ready to dive deep into the heart of creating a way of life that is harmonious to their spirit.


Are you a couple who is ready to go deeper into the Art of Love & Relating?

Do you struggle with how to communicate with your person?

Do you desire to have a more intimate and fulfilling sexual and sensual life?

Would you like to learn healing practices to support and honor your beloved?

Do you want to learn how to share your heart, and your truth from a place of vulnerability and honor?

Do you want to better receive your beloved desires? Do you want to HEAR your partners desires with out having it triggering you?

Do you want to learn and embody practices to resolve patterns of dysfunction and disharmony that support building more trust and inspire a more delicious connection with one another?

Oh yes and do you want to have an AMAZING Sex life?


Professional Development 

Are you a student of the healing or temple arts and desire to develop or hone your professional skill set?

Have you been looking for a guide on your path to understanding yourself and want support on your healing path?

Do you want to immerse yourself deeply into the medicine path?

Do you want to receive a deep and profound transmission into your bones so you can become a more effective healer, facilitator and guide for others?

Are you ready to step into becoming?


Personal Healing 

Do you desire a more profound ability and capacity towards knowing yourself?

Do you crave more sensuality and pleasure in your life?

Do you want to clear what no longer serves you?

Do you desire to learn more self love practices to support your embodiment and healing?

Are you ready to heal your shadow and live from a place of truth?

Are you fully ready to take the step towards this medicine path of your soul of walk in right relationship with your truth?



How does it work?

Sessions are offered both In person and/or Remotely.

If you are local on Maui or In Colorado (while I am there too) We can do a portion of the program in person.

If you are a distance client, we will do all the sessions remotely.

Couples Programs are In Person Only



What is Included?

➳➳➳➳ The Full Three Month Program

We will go DEEP so the more I know about you the more I can support you!!

Initial Assessment of your Life, Relationships, Career, Emotional Experiences, Core Belief’s, Physical & Mental Bodies, Spiritual Belief’s, Nutrition, Self Care Practices etc.

For Couples we will go deeply into how you relate to each other – what isn’t working and what is.

➳➳➳➳ I LOVE spoiling people so you will receive a Self Love Kit or a Pleasure Ritual Kit. Contents are a surprise and you can expect it to be awesome!

➳➳➳➳ Each program has nine sessions included in it, as well as three calls and email support through out the duration of our time together PLUS ➳➳➳➳  one check in call after the integration month.

➳➳➳➳ Our final session will include a beautiful Sacred Completion Ceremony to seal in the transmission of our sacred work together.



Getting Started

I am very selective about who I work with because it is important that we are a good match.

This is an investment in yourself and/or in your relationship.

I am here to support you to be your guide and TRUST is a HUGE part of the process.

These programs are POWERFULL and require a high level of devotion and commitment.

I want to ensure that you are READY to step into the shifts, and are committed to yourself and to this journey.

To honor your process we will take 30-60 min to connect and get to know each other to see if we are a good match.