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I am honored to connect with you.

Aloha! I am Naomi Love, I currently live on Maui and am loving it! I love traveling the world and playing in nature. I am a lover of personal growth which is maybe why I have studied my whole life, I also may be a bit of an over achiever! I am a big advocate of being real and true and following my heart.. I love being in nature, making medicine and teaching… working with folks who are curious, willing and devoted to their path… I love philosophizing about life and the way we perceive it… I have devoted my life to studying all things healing arts and have become quite a weaver of modalities, lineages and knowledge. The magic of having studied so much is in how all of it has alchemized inside of me and become me and how I then share that with the world. This work is my devotion to humanity, to our remembrance and to our awakening. The work is less about me and what I do and more about you and what you need and how I can be of service to you. I am honored to be a trusted guide for many.


I have 25 years of education & experience in the healing & temple arts and I have worked with THOUSANDS of people all over the world… My official titles may include but aren’t exclusive to any other possibilities that may have been left out!! I am first and foremost a ShapeShifter, which means I am always evolving and growing and don’t stay the same for long. I am an Intimacy & Relationship Coach,  Evolutionary Alchemist, Womb Shamaness, Holistic Pelvic Floor Practitioner,  Certified Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist, Master Bodyworker, Sacred Feminine Tao Tantra Priestess & Facilitator, Shamanic Guide, Certified Flower Essence & Aromatherapy Practitioner, Certified Yoga Teacher & Doula. Ceremonial Priestess of the Mayan Goddess, Ixchel handed down to me in the Maya Yucateca lineage AND  I am the Creatrix of The Wise Womb Medicine Path, which is what I teach out in the world.

I Specialize in Love, Intimacy and Relationship Coaching, Womb & Sexual Healing, Sacred Temple Arts, Earth Centered & Shamanic Healing, Soul Guidance, Evolutionary Alchemy, Movement & Breath Work, Ritual & Ceremony, Flower Essences, Herbal & Nutritional Medicine. (not excluding all other possibilities!!)

Offering Signature Programs for Couples, Personal or Professional Development, One on One In Person and Remote Sessions. Workshops, Retreats and Apprenticeship Programs.

Working with Women, Men and Couples.

Located on Maui and Colorado.

What brings me the greatest joy is laughter and working with those that are devoted to their path, to their remembrance and awakening.




I N    P E R S O N    H E A L I N G    S E S S I O N S 


What to expect in an in person session… Sacred Smoke, herbs, plants, drums, rattles, crystals, chimes, sounds, smells and and prayer…

  • You will be held in sacred space in such a way that you feel safe, seen and able to access the unowned parts of yourself, to meet those places, to transmute that which no longer serves you and invite the fullness of you back into presence.
  • Inquiry… Your body is so brilliant and wise, it holds your undigested emotions and experiences, your traumas, as well as your core beliefs. Once we know what is being stored, what we are hiding from ourselves, we can then meet those places with loving presence to bring about healing.
  • Hands on Healing…  To clear energy, to bring awareness and healing to a specific area, to hold space while a deeper internal process is happening, or to work with the physical tissue.  Allowing your body and your soul to do the work it needs while having the space held for it. Working with subtle to deep touch depending on what is needed.


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R E M O T E    S E S S I O N S

Because I am a Master of many… Each session is tailored to meet you in the truth of what is present for you. Working with the helping spirits, your healing intention will be our guide in co-creating a beautiful healing session or program together. AND Because there is no time and space (MAGIC) we can work together in many realms without having to leave the comfort of your home…. Imagine anything is Possible… Remote sessions are one of my most favorite ways to work, there is something that happens when the client gets to receive in the comfort of their own home, where they can dive a little deeper into themselves. Each journey is unique, we can work with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual issues with great effectiveness.

I listen and witness you as a whole person, rather than fragments or parts, to see where we can support you coming back fully to the truth of yourself – I support you in reinvesting in your truth, in the discovery beyond ideas, beyond thoughts, but the truth of your spirit.



“I recently had a remote session with Naomi and was blown away at the amount of healing yumminess I could get, even over the phone.”

Caitlin Arce

“My sister and I did a relationship resolution healing session with Naomi Love over the phone and the results were amazing. Naomi held such a profound healing container for us to resolve the issue my sister and I have struggled with for many years. We have grown closer and more connected. Thank you” With love – Jody Newman, New Jersey

“Naomi was able to see directly into the pattern I was struggling with and helped me to release what wasn’t serving me in a supportive way. I was surprised that I felt the same results as working with her in person. ” Caroline Masters, Colorado

“Naomi, I am so thankful for our session the other day. You helped me connect more deeply into myself and my heart so I could be more fully myself. Thank you.”  Charlie Levine, New York

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