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➵ Release what isn’t serving you so you can align yourself with your hearts deepest desires?

➵ To alchemize the perspectives which are holding you in old habits, relationships and behaviors?

➵ To learn how to speak and honor your needs?

➵ Learn how to soften into your heart space and allow true vulnerability?

➵ To learn how to communicate from an authentic place?

➵ To learn and implement self care / self love practices into your daily life?

➵ To deepen in your remembrance and connection with mother earth and your helping spirits?

➵ Learn to Co-Create & manifest while aligned with your highest self to create the life you desire?

➵ To step into your POWER and gifts?

➵ To co-create and apply a personalized healing or cleansing program?

➵ Immerse yourself in the temple arts.

➵ Learn how to be more vulnerable and share true intimacy with those you desire?

➵ To connect to your sex and heal what is in the way of your joy and pleasure?

➵ Learn the foods your body needs in order to feel better in your life?

➵ Receive healing touch?

➵ To understand your gifts and how best to share them with the world?

➵ To connect more deeply with your beloved?

➵ To build a stronger lasting for sensual relationship with your beloved?

If you said YES to any of these… Then NOW is your time..


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What They are Saying

My life changed significantly after beginning to see Naomi Love. She is the most connected person I have ever met, and the realist. She’s honest and listens to your body and words carefully to hear what you need. I’ve learned so much about myself, become so much more healed and connected in my body and yoni and womb, and found a practice that fits my spiritual needs. I’ve never been so completely taken care of- mind, body, and spirit. Emma Lischwe

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I offer one on one in person and remote sessions for women, men and couples.

Specializing in Relationship Coaching, Womb & Sexual Healing, Sacred Temple Arts, Hands On Healing, Earth Centered Healing, Soul Guidance, Shamanic Healing, Emotional Alchemy, Movement & Breath Work, Ritual & Ceremony, Herbal & Nutritional Medicine.


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Women, Men and Couples who are ready to dive deep into the heart of creating a way of life that is harmonious to their spirit.

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Are you ready to become who you were born to be? Are you ready to step into your hearts gifts and share that magic with the world? Would you like to learn sacred practices of the Divine Feminine? Would you like to work with women’s medicine and support yourself and your sisters?

Are you looking for a teacher? A Guide? Someone to support you on your path, to help you navigate the roads of life, to remind you of your heart and truth?

This is the invitation to apprentice with me and Join the Wise Womb Medicine School of the Temple Arts.

Trainings are offered in month long intensives and weekend modules throughout the year both in Hawaii and Colorado.

are you ready to become… a healer, a sister, a lover, a steward of the earth… an advocate for your body and for others…

For those that are ready to remember the truth of themselves and go deeper into becoming a space holder, a leader a healer and a teacher.

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What the students are saying…

My experiences as a level one apprentice in Naomi Love’s Apprenticeship program have transformed my life and given me a much deeper sense of self embodiment. I began the program for my own personal healing as well as learning practices to heal and empower other women. When I first heard her voice over the telephone during our initial communication, my heart and soul said “Yes!” Naomi is incredibly down to earth, loving, and supportive. Coming together with her and the other women in the program felt like coming home to a warm and inviting sisterhood. Naomi did, and continues to do an incredible job creating a beautiful sacred space among all of us and fostering a deep connection and genuine sense of authentic sisterhood. We all feel accepted, seen and heard because of the way Naomi holds all of us as a circle of sisters. I love her focus on self-love and self-care, as well as embodiment of everything that we learn. How nurturing it is for us to feel our practices deep inside of ourselves before we share them with others. Since my completion of level one, I have continued many of the self-care practices, have offered healing sessions to several of my close friends, and am in the process of creating a business around women’s wisdom and womb care. Naomi continues to be supportive and has offered us ongoing support as her apprentices. Her profound level of dedication and commitment to her work as a healer and teacher is truly a blessing and an inspiration. I look with much excitement and anticipation to moving forward with level two! Heather Angstadt

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