Release what isn’t serving you so you can align yourself with your hearts deepest desires?

➵ To alchemize the perspectives which are holding you in old habits, relationships and behaviors?

➵ To learn how to speak and honor your needs?

➵ Learn how to soften into your heart space and allow true vulnerability?

➵ To learn how to communicate from an authentic place?

➵ To learn and implement self care / self love practices into your daily life?

➵ To deepen in your remembrance and connection with mother earth and your helping spirits?

➵ Learn to Co-Create & manifest while aligned with your highest self to create the life you desire?

➵ To step into your POWER and gifts?

➵ To co-create and apply a personalized healing or cleansing program?

➵ Immerse yourself in the temple arts.

➵ Learn how to be more vulnerable and share true intimacy with those you desire?

➵ To connect to your sex and heal what is in the way of your joy and pleasure?

➵ Learn the foods your body needs in order to feel better in your life?

➵ Receive healing touch?

➵ To understand your gifts and how best to share them with the world?

➵ To connect more deeply with your beloved?

➵ To build a stronger lasting for sensual relationship with your beloved?


I offer In person and Remote Sessions for Women, Men and Couples.

The Healers Healer | Specializing in Relationship Coaching, Womb & Sexual Healing, Sacred Temple Arts, Hands On Healing, Earth Centered Healing, Shamanic Healing, Evolutionary Alchemy, Movement & Breath Work, Ritual & Ceremony, Herbal & Nutritional Medicine.