Wise Womb Medicine Collective

Referral Network

The women listed on this page has studied with me and all have a minimum of 75 hours of hands on training plus their own unique skill sets.

Level One – min. of 100 Hours

Level Two – min. of 165 Hours

Level Tw0 + – 250 Hours


Naomi Love ▽  Creatrix of the Wise Womb Medicine Path 

Specializing in Womb & Sexual Healing, Sacred Temple Arts, Earth Centered & Shamanic Healing, Soul Guidance, Emotional Alchemy, Movement & Breath Work, Ritual & Ceremony, Flower Essences, Herbal & Nutritional Medicine.

Offering One on One In Person and Remote Sessions, Signature Programs for Personal or Professional Development, Workshops and Apprenticeship Programs.

Working with Women, Men and Couples.

Located on Maui and In Colorado.






Brandy Amber Wade – Level Two +

Salida, Colorado 81201



Brandy has been studying the yoga/tantric/feminine arts for 16years and teaching for 6 years.  In the last decade she has immersed in earth healing practices and ceremonies, weaving the two together in her offerings.  She brings her studies and knowledge combined with intuition, energetic touch, and sound healing to support these one on one sessions.  There is sweet emphasis on remembering the sacred of who we are by treating ourselves with kindness and supporting the areas that receive the least amount of attention like the digestive and feminine reproductive system.


Lisa Dionne Reese, RN – Level Two +

Phone: 970-484-8983

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Email: laughingluna@q.com

Bio: Soul Midwifery, Beginning/End-of-Life Care, Wise Woman Care, Energy Medicine, Plant Wisdom


Jamie Mantey – Level Two +

Phone: 312-497-1642

Location: Boulder, CO

Email: jamiemantey@gmail.com

Website: www.femininepassages.com

Bio: Jamie is deeply to devoted to the path of heart-centered sacred feminine embodiment. She skillfully offers Feminine Wellbeing Coaching, Herbal Consultations, Flower Essence Consultations, Hands-on-Healing, Yoga, Meditation, and Sacred Women’s Groups.


Jennifer Straw RN, BSN – Level Two

Phone: 720-984-5535

Location: Golden, Colorado

Email: Jenniferstrawwellness@gmail.com


Caitlin Arce, MA, LPC – Level Two

Phone: (720) 319-7297

Location: Denver and Boulder, CO (in-home sessions available as requested)

Email: caitlin.arce@gmail.com

Bio: My work is about helping you find your authentic connection with Self; to live a life in alignment of body, spirit, and intention. Offering Hands on Healing. Art Therapy. Intuitive Healing. Guided Meditation. Grounding. Deep Listening. Blessings and Prayers. Plant Medicine. Yoga. Energy Work.


Cristina Cantieri – Level Two

Phone: 303.829.1795

Location: Boulder, CO

Email: Ccantieri3@gmail.com

Bio: Cristina enjoys inspiring others to live their lives with vitality and greater awareness.  Her emphasis with each client is to help connect them to the incredible healing intelligence of their own bodies and support deeper connection and awareness of themselves.


Laura Rose Boyle, LMT, RYT – Level Two


Boulder, Denver & Rollinsville



Laura Rose is passionate about being present with the deep wisdom that lives within. She supports the release of physical, emotional and mental patterns so that you can experience increased vitality, joy, and inner peace. Since 2000, she has practiced and studied the healing arts of massage, energy-work, and deep listening.


Heather Angstadt – Level Two


San Francisco Bay Area, California


Offering support, guidance, healing, and alchemy within the spirals of women’s wisdom, womb care, Reiki, and sacred sexuality.


Theresa (Tree) Bullock – Level Two

Treehouse/Beauty in Healing



Tree is Passionate about holding relaxing, sacred space for women to find their inner wisdom and divine feminine.  Licensed cosmetologist/esthetician and Reiki Certified,  Tree enjoys hands-on healing with emphasis on self love and finding the “beauty” in healing. Close to her heart is helping women through vaginal issues utilizing techniques such as: womb massage, energy healing, and plant spirit healings.  She also enjoys adding decadent skincare, haircare, and other modalities to help women feel like the Goddess they are!


Jennifer E Peck, LCSW, CMT – Level Two

Embodied Loving Presence

Boulder, CO

tel: 303-817-7912

Email: jennifer@jenniferEpeck.com

Website: www.jenniferEpeck.com

Jennifer is a body-mind-spirit healing arts practitioner with 20+ years experience and education in massage, psychotherapy, and spiritual practices. She offers a blend of transformative bodywork, counseling, energy work, and movement practices tailored to each client’s needs.


Arianna Shannon – Level One



My work is supportive and empowering in nature.  My offerings are meant to support you:

To be a part of a shift in human consciousness and awareness; to help hold space and energy for personal transformation and evolution.

To exponentially expand your self love. To fall in love with the divine and the full spectrum of the human experience, light to dark.

To connect more fully to the spirit world, to intuition, magic, and authenticity. To create healthy and deeply connective, supportive, and magical relationships with self /others/ spirit guides /angels/ star realms.


Rachel Weitz

True Nature Shamanic Healing Arts




Boulder, CO

True Nature Shamanic Healing Arts is a results oriented practice that goes beyond simple therapy. Honoring the ancient wisdom traditions and blending that wisdom with modern consciousness is the essence to the work. These remedies support you to weave and integrate the fabric of your being, your authentic self and the web of life. Working in partnership with the helping spirits of the Shamanic realm, we call on your true-nature to guide the healing work in which we engage. This work is rooted in the belief that you have the inner wisdom to heal yourself and the guides and I hold space to facilitate that unfolding. Each session is unique to your intention.


Teal Stamm – Level One

Teal’s Table Holistic Health Coaching and Therapeutic Massage

(914) 471-5091

1590 Bradley Drive Boulder, CO 80305

HoloBeing LLC 3008 Folsom St. Boulder, CO 80302



Providing an integrative approach to pain relief and healing through therapeutic massage, deep relaxation, and digestive wellness support.


Faith Davis – Level One

Faith Davis Massage & Yoga LLC


Boulder, CO



Faith Davis offers a bodywork blend of clinically proven techniques and intuition-based practice including hands-on bodywork, plants, and intention that support the body’s innate ability to heal. Faith works with women and men while specializing in prenatal and postpartum care.


Heidi Sparks – Level One


803C Parklane Ave.

Longmont, CO 80501


I offer earth-centered healing. I use reflexology, womb massage, plant medicine, crystal healing, Reiki, sacred feminine and masculine connection/healing, forgiveness practices and digestive health support.  I weave each session to be unique to your needs. I fully commit to supporting you on your personal journey. I look forward to meeting you and healing together.


Erin Casey – Level One

Equilibrium Therapeutic Massage


2299 Pearl St, Suite 108, Boulder, CO



I believe in each individual’s inherent wisdom. As a healing practitioner, my job is to recognize your unique needs to help you find the most joy and ease in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Every session is different and may include massage, Biodynamic craniosacral therapy, somatic experiencing, polarity therapy and earth-centered healing.


Kimaya Lakshmi – Level One


Denver, Colorado


Kimaya works with subtle energy in the body by transmuting and restoring flow through Reiki, womb healing, Access Consciousness BARS and Tantra.


Heather Boreske, LMP, BA





With over 16 years of experience in the healing arts, Heather offers a variety of healing modalities including Maya Abdominal Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, & Energy Healing to bring balance to the body, mind and soul.