Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal Steaming

W I S E   W O M B   S T E A M S 

Formulated to bring gentle healing to the womb.


Does Yoni Steaming work and, if so, how?

T H E    W O M B

– The womb is a suspensory organ –  she moves!!
If she isn’t in the optimal position she and other related systems of flow won’t get the nourishment they need to be in their full divine expression as organs and as collaborative systems. This and other contributing factors, such as the way a woman internalizes her life, and her experience of it, trauma, childbearing, poor digestion, falls, and excessive exercise while bleeding, all have an impact on the womb, her alignment and her optimal health!!


T H E    A G E    O F    T H E    C O L D    W O M B 

For many reasons these days women are suffering from a cold, displaced womb. As warm blooded beings our organs don’t function optimally when they are cold – energy can’t flow, the womb can’t dance, contract and expand as easily as when she is warm and supple. Now, consider the placement of the womb – the womb is a hollow suspensory and detoxification organ, if she isn’t functioning well the body follows suit. Physically, the womb can effect the ligaments, muscles, systems of flow and impact hormone levels.

On an energetic-spiritual level the womb is a woman’s center – she is our place of creativity, connection to the earth and to our ancestral lineage. As a hollow detoxification organ she can hold our wounds, our sexual experiences and she often becomes the storage center of our deepest fears and shame. She is often the place we keep experiences we don’t want to see or feel, our deepest denials.

By working with the womb and honoring her, by bringing blood flow and warmth back to her, we can gently meet what comes up with loving presence. When the womb is cold and displaced, there can be a sense of isolation, sadness and ultimately disconnection. A few symptoms associated with a cold, displaced womb include – #PMS, #Pelvicpain, #endometriosis, #ovariancysts, #pcos, #constipation, #cramping, #cyclepain, #anorgasmic, #darkbloodclots, #ovulationpain, #lowbackpain, #lethargy, #depression, #emotionallydisconnected, #miscarriage.

Traditionally steams are used in conjunction with other supportive modalities like maya womb massage, castor oil packs, herbal medicine, lifestyle & nutritional guidance, as well as emotional healing to bring truly holistic healing to women in need.


J U S T    S A Y    Y E S   T O   S T E A M I N G 

Steaming the yoni works because the yoni, the pelvis, and the anus are directly accessible to the plant medicines and oils as the steam dances over and infuses into the tissue. Each blend has its own magic and intention for healing, warming the pelvis, stimulating movement, awareness & presence. The medicine of the steam (plants and water) is fully received into the body, warming the cold womb, making space for the reconnection of heart and womb, womb and heart… #yonisteam #yoni #vaginalsteams #bajos #vsteams #mayawombmassage #herbalinfusedcastoroilpacks #herbalmedicine #mayamassage #mayamoon #mayaabominalmassage #emotionalalchemy #journeytothewomb #wisewombsteams #wisewombcollection #wisewombsteams-healing.

T H E   A P O T H E C A R YSteaming

Comments (2)

  • Priyanka U says:

    Hi there,
    I just chanced upon the role of vaginal steaming for uterine health. I am 37, have pcos and adrenal fatigue which I have also recently learned, contributed to my doctor diagnosing me with infertility issues.
    I have been trying to have a second child for two years with no success.
    What tea or blend would you recommend for me to use with my bajos chair?

    • Naomi Boggs says:

      Aloha – Thank you for sharing. I would of course combine this method with a womb massage (if you can find someone) and castor oil packs and nutritional and herbal support too, (i love my cleanse and restore women’s tonic) ! And I would use the cleanse and restore formula – I would begin with 2 steams a week for 3 weeks. Please do not steam if you think you may be pregnant!
      I am leaving the country for a month and will return late may. I can be of more support to you then. If you are interested in scheduling a remote session. <3

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