Welcome to this 3 month online transformational program –  Reflection to Creation…. Aligning with your Higher Self… 

Many of us don’t seem to realize that we are out of alignment we are with nature, with our true nature, what we truly desire and value. We take on the social expectations, parents belief systems and often times find ourselves saying – but I don’t understand why I don’t have enough money, or why I can’t seem to lose weight, or why I feel like shit! Or why I am not successful, or why they are ________and I am not_______.

This transformational program is offered two times of year. This work supports calling you deep into yourself, to assess what is really happening at the core level.We use this time to reflect on our behaviors, patterns, relationships, beliefs etc. to see if our actions are truly in alignment with what we want to create in our lives.

This three month journey is an earth centered mindful approach to reflecting upon our ways of being that are serving and those that aren’t so we can be more empowered in knowing ourselves, in knowing our areas of strength and weakness. By going deep inside ourselves we can then begin to have more insight into the beliefs or habits that are in the way of us living our lives in the way we truly desire.

Let us join together as a tribe to support each other in waking up and dreaming the life into reality that we are yearning for on the soul level.

You can take the program at your own pace and is supported 2x a year. Oct 15th 2017 – January 15th 2018 with FB support throughout each segment. After you have taken the program once, you are welcome to take the program over and over each time it is offered for FREE. 

The program includes three guided group healing calls throughout the three months and will be recorded for those that miss it.

Please connect to our FB page for additional support and to share the depths of your souls desires, to share what you learn about yourself.. We are here to support you and honor you on your journey. 

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