Summertime Inspirations – Self Love and Self Care

On July 13th I began a 40 day self-care retreat/panchakarma (cleansing program)/urban vision quest. I couldn’t think of a simple title for it to express my personal intentions/goals behind this one. I know 40 days seems like a long time, but I had reached a point in my life, my work, my health, that this was what I had to do, there was no other option.

In the past when I felt this surge of necessity I would fly to India for someone else to hold space for me, to do the cleanse to me, for me. This time it wasn’t an option and often when I’m there I think to myself, “why did I come to dirty, old, funky, stinky, smelly, loud, India to do a cleanse?” Don’t get me wrong India holds a special place in my heart, but certainly not for its cleanliness! 

I have led myself through cleanses before, but this time was different, this time, I decided that I was going to lead myself through something deeper, more intensive. I know what I need to do, I know what self-care I need to implement, what foods and habits I need to avoid, I know myself better than anyone, and feel blessed that I can do this for myself.

It was time to get more quiet with myself, to cut out the distractions, the new age indoctrination, mine and other peoples projections and opinions, get quiet enough to listen to my higher self, to connect with my divine nature, to be the yogini in the cave, but with all the niceties of running water, electricity and toilets! 

Because you can access anything at anytime being so urban rather than being in a cave or in the woods, one would think you have to strongly engage your will power and avoid temptation.  

Well, I found, something else, for me, It isn’t about will power. Its about Self Love. I love myself enough to honor myself and what I need. If I can’t give myself what I need how can I hope or ask someone else to give me what I need. I love myself enough to take the time to cook, to move slower, to sit with my emotions (sounds easier than it is:). I love myself enough to take a walk, go to a class, spend time in nature. AND amazingly there is a freedom in all of this –  I am choosing this for me, no one else! I am doing this completely for me! 

I had a realization before I even began this program, that although I live a beautiful life doing what I love in the world, helping people, that the buck had stopped there. I had lost the rest of my life. I wasn’t actually living my own life, I was living to work, I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, but for me, it wasn’t working anymore. 

During this program, I began to feel inspired again, inspired to engage in this life, rather than watching it pass me by. Don’t get me wrong, compared to many others I am sure it looked like I was living life just fine, but it was a feeling, on the inside, that needed to be seen, heard and loved. They say it takes three weeks to start a new habit, so I am going the extra mile, as some of you may know I might  be a little bit of an over achiever;) So I made a choice, to do this self-care/retreat/panchakarma/urban vision quest, FOR ME – this is MY life and this is my version of self-love. So far, it has been a game changer! I feel more quiet, peaceful, clear, engaged, present, aware, a little more joy in each moment, not to say that when I have the emotional stuff move through, that it isn’t hard, but this is part of the practice. Self-Love and Self-Care are part of my spiritual practice. “Loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself. As you improve yourself, you improve the world.”

I hope some part of this is inspirational to you. I don’t usually share such personal experiences via this type of platform, but I hope it ignites some SELF LOVE and SELF CARE around the globe. 

With Joy and Inspiration,
Naomi Boggs
Medicine Woman

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