Weaving The Wild & Sacred Feminine ▽ Wise Womb Apprenticeships

Exploring the Ancient Ways of the Wild & Sacred Feminine Mysteries 

Level Two  |  Boulder, CO

June 2017

This magical program will take what you have learned in Level One and embodied to the next level.

Review Level One

Now that you’ve had time to embody the practices and begin sharing your gifts you may have questions or need clarification. This is a safe space to revisit and relearn.

Deepen Your Knowledge

We will build on what you learned as well as learn new healing techniques to both support your own healing as well as the Divine Feminine.

Dive into Mystery

Past experience reveals that it doesn’t make sense to share with you exactly what we will be doing as it always seems to shift and change based on the participants and the depth of and embodiment of the work.

Not everyone will choose to move to a deeper level of embodiment and offerings. If you feel the call to learn more and become a true guide for healing this program is for you.

Why Study with Naomi?

Naomi Love has been studying the healing arts for over half her lifetime. Embracing a life long path of learning, Naomi continues to grow and embody a life of nourishment and self-care. Naomi excels not only as a student of the healing arts but as an empowered healer and teacher.

This program will be held in 2 – 3 day formats + a clinic day and 2 remote sessions, plus you will receive 2 live coaching sessions where you Skype me in to observe sessions in which you are working with a client. (This can be a fellow sister.)

The program totals around 65 hours.


June 2017

Thur 22nd 11am-7pm – Fri 23rd 12:30pm-8:30pm – Sat 24th 10am-6pm
Thur 29th 11am-7pm – Fri 30th 12:30pm-8:30pm – Sat, July 1st 10am-6pm
Clinic Day – Sunday, July 2nd 11am-4pm* Graduation Ceremony 5-10pm

We will have a clinic day where we will offer healing sessions to the community. I will ask the community for donations for the space This is a great way for me to observe you all in action and you will have a chance to work with the community. You will offer 2 sessions that day. We will have a check in time between each session with a little break.



Pay in Full or Early Bird – $1350.00

After 3/15/2017 – $1650.00

Payment Plans available

$300.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space.

Investment Includes

  • New Updated Manual
  • 2 Remote Sessions used for personal healing
  • 3 Group healing calls
  • 2 Observed Remote Healing Sessions over the course of the year leading up to the level two program. (This can be with a fellow sister.)

* As students in Level Two you are invited to work with my existing clients that want to work with me remotely and who also want to receive hands on healing with a student. These are beautiful learning opportunities for you to participate in. You and I will schedule times that you can participate as the in person space holder and healer. You and the client will meet in person and I will Skype into the session to work with the client and if hands on healing is needed I will guide you in how to offer that to the client. You will not ask questions during this time, rather you are there to hold solid safe and sacred space for the client. You can ask questions to me after the session is complete and the client has left.


Pre-Program Expectations 

Work with a minimum of 3 female clients a minimum of 5 times.

Offering hands on healing, cord cutting/ forgiveness ceremony, womb massage, spiritual healing using your rattles, drums, copal and plants.

Continue to trade with your fellow sisters a minimum of 5 times before the class program starts.

Please document your experience what you felt confident with and what you feel is more challenging for you.

Ask these clients for written feedback.

Now is your time!

Schedule your interview with Naomi now by emailing her at