It is time for us to support each other, to work together, to allow ourselves to be seen, witnessed, and loved. Time to share our hearts, and our gifts with this world that is in such need of love & light.

After years of studying and being in private practice, I was inspired to create these beautiful Apprenticeship programs. This is the way I learned and embodied the knowledge that was being passed on to me. Apprenticing is an old world way of learning from a master who is highly skilled and often gifted in a certain field.

I was called by Spirit to create an educational program that would empower, inspire and support each sister’s embodiment and personal healing, which could then be shared with their community. Once we have the embodiment, then we can offer healing from a place of inner knowing.

Creating these programs has actually been one the most vulnerable professional moves I have ever made, as I am sharing the embodiment and digested knowledge of what I have learned and experienced over my lifetime.

This path does becomes a way of life, as it is the path of the heart. Connect with Mother Earth, her plants, the elements, the directions, above, below and within. Remember our connection to our helping spirits, the nature spirits, the lightworkers, and light beings. We will deepen our connection our wombs and our hearts. We will explore our inner worlds and bring light to the shadows, to come back to the truth of YOU.

Currently there are three levels to become a Certified Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner. Each level is about personal embodiment; “healer heal thyself”. When we deepen in ourselves, apply our self care and do our work, it supports our capacity to hold space and show up for others.


Would you rather go to a practitioner that was certified in a weekend or one that has deeply received the transmission and embodiment of the work they are studying?

LEVEL ONE is about self love and personal healing. Learning how to do this work with others you must first embody it yourself, taking the work, the practices, into your own life so you can then share them from a place of inner knowing! Upon graduation, you will be able to offer Wise Womb Medicine techniques on self and others, as well as offer Spiritual Healing, Forgiveness Ritual and more, to friends, family and clients as well as hold Earth Centered Women’s Circles. You are considered an Apprentice of Naomi Love.

LEVEL TWO is more earth centered/clinical applications of Wise Womb Medicine techniques, focusing on honing your skill set and deepening your embodiment from what you received in Level One. We will begin the journey into herbal formulas,  nutritional therapy to support healing, as well as flower essences to support emotional, physical and spiritual processes. You will begin to learn how to facilitate one day Wise Womb Medicine workshops in your community.

LEVEL THREE is deepening in everything listed above in level one and two, as well as going more deeply into how to support trauma, communicating with plants, advanced Wise Womb Medicine techniques as well as deepening your capacity to become a facilitator, to be able to facilitate three day Wise Womb Medicine Workshops. As I was guided by spirit to offer this style of program to ensure a deep embodiment of each student, each sister who graduates is required to test out with me in order to become a Certified Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner and Teacher.



Are you ready to take the next step, to answer the call of your heart?