Earth Medicine Weavers ▽ Wise Womb Apprenticeships

Level One  |   Boulder, CO

June 2nd – 19th 2017

Imagine diving deep into your heart & soul while learning ancient healing techniques that you can take home with you AND share with the world.

Become a Sacred Space Holder

Develop a greater capacity for holding sacred space, and deep listening, learn how to support emotional processes, and facilitate women’s groups.

Learn the Art of  Wise Womb Massage

Awaken to the spirit of your womb, learn to support women in their remembering. Weave this into your own life and share this healing work with your sisterhood and clients.

Connect with Mother Nature

Begin the journey of weaving the ancient wise woman ways of connecting to mother earth. Learn to listen to the plants, spirit guides and allie

Would you like to learn earth centered modalities and how to apply them into your own life?


Would you like to learn simple practices that can support healing of your relationships, that support you in being fully in your true nature?


Would you like to learn what your gifts are and how to share them with the world?

Those who feel the call to step into their gifts, to become a healer, have many options for study and figuring out the best ones can be a challenge. There are many weekend certification courses out there, but you know that it takes more than a weekend to become a healer, to fully learn, understand, and embody the work. If you feel a calling to develop your skills as a healer, to embody your own healing so that you can truly share your work with the world, then immerse yourself in it, dive deep with curiosity! Join the sisterhood of like minded women on the path to deepening, and living their truth and learn through apprenticeship.

Gain Clarity

If you’re feeling uncertain how to make healing your career you will learn how to embrace your gifts while learning practices, and techniques to support your own journey, as well as how to support others on their path to healing.

Remember Your True Nature

This program inspires faith and trust and the remembrance of your true nature. Through this remembrance you will gain knowledge and skills that will change your life and how you live it.

Self Love & Self Care

Healer, Heal Thyself.
It isn’t selfish to love yourself, to take time for yourself. It is ok to need to heal, to have a wound. That is what makes us great healers, because we know, we feel.. we experience. You can’t truly be of service to others if you aren’t also serving yourself.

Why Study with Naomi?

Naomi Love has been studying the healing arts for over half her lifetime. Embracing a life long path of personal embodiment and study, Naomi is devoted to personal growth and professional development, she is a pioneer in her field. What I love about her is her authenticity. Naomi excels not only as a teacher of the healing arts but as an empowered woman, healer and lifelong student.

This training is a non-linear experiential comprehensive program that was created for women who are truly devoted to their path, to being of service to their hearts truth, to being real and honest with themselves. This program is as much a personal healing journey as it is a professional training, as we work with personal embodiment.
You will be able to weave what you learn into your life and cultivate a new or upgrade your pervious healing practice to a more energetically sustainable, joyful, connected and supported practice.

You will deepen your capacity to hold sacred space, to truly show up in your open and soft heart, to listen, to support your clients in surrendering into loving presence.

You will be able to offer one on one healing sessions weaving the wise woman ways, earth centered healing and sacred practices to support each person to return to the truth of their heart.
You will be able to hold sacred women’s circles, and expand your capacity to facilitate and hold space for group process. Through deep listening you will be able to support your students, clients, friends and family through emotional, spiritual and physical challenges.

This apprenticeship is for those who want to receive deep healing, who know they have a gift to share with the world and are looking for support and guidance.



Deep listening ● Holding Sacred Space ● Spiritual Hygiene ● Personal & Professional Boundaries ● Being an Empath ● Self Inquiry ● Showing up in Loving Presence ● Forgiveness Practices ● Healing the Divine Masculine & Feminine ● Relationship Resolution ● Divination ● Yoni Egg Practices ● Ritual ● Hands On Healing ● WISE WOMB MASSAGE ● Breast Massage ● Yoni Steams ● Ovarian Breathing ● Earth Centered Healing ● INNER SMILE ● Sexual Healing ● Intimacy Practices ● Spiritual Healing ● Breathwork ● Emotional Alchemy ● Women’s Healing Circles ● Plant Medicine ● Healing with Spiritual Light ● Shamanic Journeying


The Details and Structure of the Level One Apprenticeship in Boulder, Colorado

Level One is offered in Colorado every two to three years. The program will take place over the course of three weekend immersions, wherein we will explore Earth Centered Healing and Wise Womb Medicine, plus one clinic day where you will have the opportunity to offer sessions to your community while being supported by Naomi.
Upon completion of the Level One program you will be able to offer one on one healing sessions including Earth Centered Healing, Wise Womb Medicine, Forgiveness Practices and more. You will also be invited to hold your own women’s healing circles. You Graduate as a Level One Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner and are also invited to be a part of the Wise Wombyn Collective referral network.

Dates | June 2017
Fri 2nd 12:30pm-8:30pm – Sat 3rd 10am-6pm – Sun 4th 9am-5pm
Fri 9th 12:30pm-8:30pm – Sat 10th 10am-6pm – Sun 11th 9am-5pm
Fri 16th 12:30pm-8:30pm – Sat 17th 10am-6pm – Sun 18th 9am-5pm
Clinic Day Monday 19th 11am-4pm – Graduation Ceremony 5-10pm
Next Level One Program In Boulder, will be held in Fall of 2019.


EARLY BIRD & PAY in FULL option – $1900.00 – ends 3/15/2017
After 3/15/2017 – $2200.00
Registration Ends May 15th 2017
A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required to hold your space.
* Payment Plan Options are available. Please contact me to see what your options are.
Program Investment Includes
☆ The Full Program
☆ Yoni Egg
☆ Rattles & Copal
☆ Course Manual
☆ Two Remote Sessions with Naomi

Now is your time my loves!

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Will the Level 1 Apprentice be Certified?

Level One is more about embodiment and part of that is practicing and doing the work yourself… which inspires the work to go deeper inside. In level three there is an option to test out with Naomi to receive your Certification as a Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner.


Who is this training for? 

This training isn’t just for ANY woman, this program is for women who are willing to open to receive and connect more to her truth, who wants to go deeper inside herself and connect more with mother earth. It is for women who want to embody her sexuality, her healing gifts or who wants to be empowered to own her health! The wise woman way is to learn in this way and be able to pass what we know and what we have learned onto our communities.

What makes this an apprenticeship?

In Naomi’s own words “What sets my offerings apart from other classes, courses or programs is that I work through apprenticeships, through personal healing journeys which ultimately lead to a profound level of personal growth & embodiment, which then translates professionally to a deepened skill set and knowledge base to weave into your healing practice. The reason I offer study in this format is because I am a 100% invested in each of my students’ embodiment of what they are learning. It is important to me that my students also receive the transmission of my work, the way I teach ensures you get this work on a cellular level. An apprenticeship relationship is a more profound relationship, than that of a student and teacher or client and practitioner, we are equally committed and invested in each other.”