Wise Womb Medicine

June 20th 2017 | 10am-4pm

… Boulder Colorado…

… Join me for a day of SELF LOVE & NATURE …

… spiritual healing… breath work … movement … prayer … ritual… guided journeys…breast and womb massage …

In this one day workshop we will begin with a sweet opening ceremony/grounding to connect with ourselves, nature and the community of sisters that have joined together in honor of the womb’s medicine.

In sacred circle we will share womb stories, who she is, how she moves and dances in the body and how to support and honor her.

We will tenderly explore our inner gardens, connect with our hearts, and our wombs through journeying and self massage, while held by our precious earth mother.

We will spend time alone with the plants/trees, we may dance around, finding our connection to energy flow, inviting expansion where there is contraction. Cultivating self love where there is shame, or pain.

… The breath will be our guide and our healer.. .

..All women are welcome..

To Register Please send $65.00 via Paypal to Naomi@mayamoonhealingarts.com
(send money to friends and family to avoid the fee’s)