Study the Art of Healing with Me

I am honored you are interested in studying with me. I love teaching and sharing my work and supporting folks on their path to understanding themselves, their gifts on the path of remembrance. I have spent many years crafting my programs to best train future healers like yourself.

What sets my offerings apart from other classes, courses or programs is my methodology. I work through apprenticeships. This includes personal healing journeys which ultimately lead to a profound level of personal growth and embodiment, which then translates professionally to a deepened skill set and knowledge base to weave into your life and your healing practice.


The reason I offer apprenticeship in this format is because I am a 100% invested in each of my students’ embodiment of what they are learning.  It is important to me that my students also receive the transmission of my work, the way I teach ensures you get this work on a cellular level. An apprenticeship relationship is a more profound relationship, than that of a student and teacher or client and practitioner, it is based on an equal commitment and investment in each other. These deep connections build trust, community, and strengths. The apprenticeship relationship goes very deep.


Are you ready to learn more?