Personal Healing Retreats

Personal Healing Retreats

…Join me for Personal Healing Retreats on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii…

Many people come to Maui for healing, so why not dive into a deeply transformative personal healing retreat?

Imagine co creating the life you want and working to clear and remove the obstacles in the way of living your life the way you have always dreamed.

Now is the time for transformation.. Now is the time to WAKE UP!

… to live your dreams, to clear the old, to own the shadow, to honor yourself … 

The reason I am offering this form of healing is because in a 90 min session we can receive great benefit and great healing AND something is missing… we can’t go to those deep places of resistance because they don’t show themselves in a healing session, most of the time those parts of the self show up when we are home and alone… How often has a practitioner or healer given you suggestions of self care for when you get home and you just never do it? Or have you ever gone to therapy and you start to see a pattern you keep repeating and when you get home you can’t seem to remember what the pattern was or how you are responsible for it?


Wouldn’t it be amazing to spend 3 days with a healer, to learn and participate in the rituals, ceremonies, healing ways? Wouldn’t it be amazing to cook with a nutritional chef? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone listening to the song of your soul and encouraging you to listen too? Wouldn’t you LOVE to be held in sacred, nourishing space a place where ALL OF YOU IS WELCOME and met with LOVE?


A Personal Healing Retreat Could Include

menu planning – nutritional therapy – cleanse guidance –  herbal medicine – flower essences to support the souls evolution – ritual – ceremony – hands on healing – emotional alchemy – intimacy coaching – meditation – breath work – embodied movement – shamanic healing … learning and experiencing the how to’s of self care.


This way of receiving healing is far more profound than any other way of working because we have the opportunity to go deeper with yourself and a deeper connection and level of trust happens between us. A 3-day retreat is equivalent to 6 months of therapy…

Let’s co-create these magical and profound three days together.


Personal Retreats start at $1500.00 per 3 day’s and includes one daily shared meal, two remote sessions, one to prepare for our time together and one to support integration upon your return home.


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