Signature Programs

Signature Programs

Personally Tailored Signature Programs


➵ Release what isn’t serving you so you can align yourself with your hearts deepest desires?

➵ To alchemize the perspectives which are holding you in old habits, relationships and behaviors?

➵ To learn how to speak and honor your needs?

➵ Learn how to soften into your heart space and allow true vulnerability?

➵ To learn how to communicate from an authentic place?

➵ To learn and implement self care / self love practices into your daily life?

➵ To deepen in your remembrance and connection with mother earth and your helping spirits?

➵ Learn to Co-Create & manifest while aligned with your highest self to create the life you desire?

➵ To step into your POWER and gifts?

➵ To co-create and apply a personalized healing or cleansing program?

➵ Immerse yourself in the temple arts.

➵ Learn how to be more vulnerable and share true intimacy with those you desire?

➵ To connect to your sex and heal what is in the way of your joy and pleasure?

➵ Learn the foods your body needs in order to feel better in your life?

➵ Receive healing touch?

➵ To understand your gifts and how best to share them with the world?

If you said YES to any of these… Then NOW is your time..

… Your time is now my love …

☆ ☆ ☆

Let’s co-create these magical and profound program together. 

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Signature Programs range from three days to 3 months with days or breaks in between.

You can use these programs as a personal healing journey or a professional training or mentorship.

Professionally supporting healers in deepening their skill sets, honing their skills as space holders in every capacity. Training the healers in Energy hygiene, rituals, ceremony and more.