Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

What we eat and how we eat it seems to be a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, how we feel in the world, and how well our digestion works or doesn’t work seems to be related to how we are able to digest and assimilate the world and our experience of it.

Nutritional therapy isn’t just about getting the right diet for you! Rather it’s a process of figuring out, listening deeply, becoming present,  and seeing the correlation between, mind, body and emotions and the way life is reflecting back to you what you need to learn or work more deeply on.

Through education and empowerment, I teach you about mindful & intuitive eating.

We can only know what is good for us to the level we are aware or educated, once you are educated in basic holistic nutrition, you can let your intuition and inner wisdom be your guide. Through effective implementing you will begin to see what your relationship is to food and to your body and to the world and how these are all woven together creating either health or dis-ease.

Nutritional Therapy consultations include an in depth look at your life and how you live it, and where there is stagnation, or dis-harmony both in yourself, and how you relate to the world. I have found that we as humans get really eager to make changes and then loose steam, so I ask for a commitment of working together for 6 months, whether in person or remotely, in order for you to see effective changes.

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