Hands On Healing

Hands On Healing

Inside, soft smoke curls around drums, feathers and singing bowls, tinctures, flower essences and rough cut crystals …

You get the sense that everything has it’s place and use; and it’s all just waiting for you to arrive as you are …

In this sacred space … All of you is Welcomed … and received with open arms

You feel the support of your helping spirits

of mother earth

you can hear the whispers of your soul

you have come home


…. Gently looking at what is being held in the body….
Our body is so brilliantly wise … it holds our undigested emotions … experiences …  traumas … and core beliefs.
Hands on healing helps to support the awakening to what is being stored…. through gentle inquiry and presence…
Once we become aware of what is being stored … what we are hiding … we know what needs healing …
.. this is the invitation into the unwinding … the unraveling.. to make space for your true nature…
When we nurture these unacknowledged or disowned parts, we have more energy to be present because there isn’t so much unconscious energy trying to keep our shadows in hiding…  we make space for the trasmutation … the healing of these shadow aspects of the self…
This work is intended to support a depth of presence to reconnect you to your inner wisdom, to your soul.
You will be held in sacred space in such a way that you feel safe, seen and able to let go of that which no longer serves you and invite the fullness of you back into presence.


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