Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy

The ultimate purpose of this body of work is to bring us back to our true essence, to heal the core beliefs we have so cleverly built our lives around and that are no longer serving us, to look at ourselves in love and compassion, to move towards a more authentic divine expression of ourselves rather than being bogged down by shoulds, by the past, by the hurt, by the victimization that often comes with trauma and pain.

To find freedom, to be comfortable in our own skin, to find a sanctuary when we close our eyes, to be ok with being with ourselves, and to find a sense of inner peace, even amongst the chaos of life, to know we are enough as we are, to sift out what is truth and what is not, so we may come back to the truth of our divine authentic expression of true essence.


Learning your soul’s language and being able to name your emotional experience is a pathway to freedom. Most of us haven’t been taught how to get in touch with our emotional experiences, how to healthfully communicate those experiences, or even how to BE with them. We have become so accustomed to avoiding and suppressing, we have become masters at deceiving ourselves. With spiritual counseling you will learn simple and effective ways to support your self inquiry process, to be able to understand what you are experiencing and hear what it is that you actually need from yourself. You will learn how to process your emotions, your thoughts, and feelings to become a master of noticing. You will begin to see where the contracts and agreements you have made with others come from and how you may continue to sign and uphold these contracts that are no longer serving you.

Emotional Alchemy is a process of looking at your basic belief systems, the stories you tell yourself, we investigate what is true and what is false; what beliefs you may have bought into that have become part of you, in order to find where you are out of alignment with your personal truths. This is a process of uncovering who you are and embracing all parts of yourself. Meeting yourself in loving presence, listening to your needs and honoring who you are. This process helps you to slow things down, gently inquiring as to what is happening under the surface, to access the places where you need healing most.

This work supports you in gaining mastery and skill in self care, self awareness and self love, and will ultimately change your life!

It teaches you how to come fully back to love, to truth and to the fullness of YOU!

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