Earth Yoga

Earth Yoga

A weaving of earth centered healing and yoga to inspire you into the embodiment of your true essence … to inspire a deeper connection to mother Earth.

Classes will include gentle and slow movement, aromatherapy, guided visualizations, and earth centered accoutrements to harmonize the mind, body & spirit.

Weaving presence, guidance, and gentle movement to inspire you to rest fully in yourself.

Embodied Vinyasa – This is a slow, yet deep practice, focusing on breath, alignment and a progression of poses to open the energy channels of the body, to bring deeper presence and connection between the mind, body and spirit.

Anjali Restorative Yoga – a highly regarded, deep, and nurturing style of yoga. Through this thoughtful practice of intentional rest, the body is supported by bolsters, pillows, and blankets. The mind and breath are guided through gentle images and practices. The effect is profoundly restful and serene.

Bhava Vinyasa – the healing power of embodied breath informs this elegant practice. Potent, rich, and radiant this practice allows us to reach into the very essence of how we see ourselves.  The practice is a vinyasa, linking strength and aligned grace, posture-to-posture and breath-to-breath, with a sweet and steady current of images, ideas, and provocative moments of self-reflection.  The session is split to include time spent in movement of a well-guided dynamic nature, mirrored by the later half of class in sustained, gentle Anjali Restorative Yoga poses.

Somatic Movement – Finding presence through breath and gentle movements allows for a profound internal body awareness. This modality teaches recognition and release of chronic pain patterns resulting from injury, stress, repetitive motion strain or habituated postures. Through gentle slow assisted movements we work to connect breath with body and reprogram the sensory motor cortex of the brain, re-establishing congruent communication between the brain, the nervous system and the muscles to gently unwind holding patterns in the body, replacing them with healthy new patterns.