Ceremony is an important aspect to living life, ceremonies often mark special times in our lives…

In earth centered cultures ceremonies are often used to clear and cleanse people and land, to bring the community together, to bring healing, to call upon the elements, to deepen the connection to mother earth, great spirit and the great mystery.

Ceremonies are important when we are ready to clear something we have been working to release or surrender up, as well as when we want to call on the support of the helping spirits for something important in our lives.

When the community gathers with intention for healing, to offer up, to have sacred space held for them, the energy is amplified and can inspire great healing and life changes.

No matter which kind of ceremony we are offering, we are also healing the land and space where the ceremony is held. The earth knows these ways, these practices and opens her arms to welcome them.


Maya Moon offers Healing Ceremonies for Women, Cacao & Kava Ceremonies, Fire Ceremonies as well as Blessing Ceremonies. Each ceremony has it’s specific intention.

Cacao ceremonies are used to support the opening of the heart, sharing of the heart with your community and is often combined with a fire ceremony.

Kava Ceremonies are used to support opening the heart and to open communication thus deepening our ability for intimacy with ourselves as well as our community.

Blessing Ceremonies 

In earth-centered cultures it is a customary practice to clear and Blessing Ceremonies in one’s home or land. There is a basic understanding that we are building a relationship with the space or land in which we live/work. By creating a harmonious relationship with the spirit(s) of the land we can live in more ease and connection. Imagine sitting in a peaceful environment, everyone is whispering, sipping tea, snacking on delicious treats, and enjoying the space, when suddenly a loud, obnoxious drunk person comes into the space and starts yelling at everyone and begins to take whatever they see, filling their pockets and then leaving in a rage. Imagine how disruptive that would be to the energy of the people who were relaxing, and to the space. This example shows you how the earth may experience us as humans, charging in, taking what we want without honor, without permission, without gratitude. A blessing ceremony is a way of honoring the land, the space and deepening that harmonious connection to the place in which we live or work.

A Blessing Ceremony recalibrates the vibrational energy, ridding the space of anything that doesn’t belong; it breaks up stagnation, and clears the energetic cobwebs, creating space for light and lightness.

We are creating a harmonious relationship with the spirits of the land beneath the home or office, we are raising the vibrational quality making the space light, clean and clear. A blessing ceremony can take anywhere from an hour to many hours depending on the space and what needs to be cleared. Often with a blessing ceremony the people who live or work in the space also need to be a part of the ceremony in some way.

Within the initial consult, I will determine if you should have your space deeply cleaned prior to the ceremony. After the ceremony I may give you specific guidance to support the work we did, and may request that you rearrange certain things in your space to ensure proper energy flow.

Receiving a blessing ceremony shifts the vibrational energy so much so that if done in your home, you may notice you sleep better, feel more peaceful and that the space feels more vibrant.

In an office, you may notice similar results; along with increased business, obstacles that were once there have dissolved, and you may even enjoy going to work more!

If done for land, you may feel as though the magic of the land has been reignited and you may also feel a deeper connection to the land around you.


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