Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine

The plants call us home, to our truth, they nourish us from the inside out, they reignite our connection to mother earth… 

They bring healing to places we can’t touch inside our bodies… they gently our soul. 


The plants are the origin of many current allopathic medicines, they are often feared (or abused), rather than revered. Each plant is as unique as each of us, each with their own medicinal and healing benefits, each working with a different part of the body, mind and spirit.

The plants are what inspired me, led me into the healing realm in the first place, and I have continued to study them for over twenty years. Herbal medicine is used in a variety of ways and forms. Plants can be used internally as teas, tinctures, flower essences, wild foods, elixirs and cordials. Or externally, in infused oils, salves, lotions, herbal baths, plant brushings, plant limpias or as sprays, spritzers, botanical waters and essential oils.

 Each plant uniquely supports us in all aspects of living a healthy life.

Medicinal plants have been used since the beginning of our time on Earth, connecting with the plants, calling on them to be our allies can be very healing, supportive and nutritive. Botanical medicine consultations include an extensive health assessment to see what areas your life,  mind, body and spirit need support. Depending on what your healing needs are, you will receive personalized formulas in whichever form best suits you and your healing journey.

In addition to my use of Botanics in my healing practice I also have a  humble apothecary sharing my elixirs, cordials, flower essences, teas, tinctures, tonics, steams, and infused oils. Please visit  The Apothecary and  check out my latest offerings.

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