Rose SPIRIT Medicine

Rose SPIRIT Medicine


My longest relationship has been with this beautiful plant spirit…


Her petals teach us to be soft in our hearts, to be luscious in our bodies and to enjoy our deepest pleasures…. her woody branches and powerful thorns teach us to be strong and powerful in our boundaries.


She reminds us that it is ok to say NO!! She teaches us it is ok to be soft and beautiful AND strong and powerful – that it is ok to stand in our truth. She reminds us to teach others how to treat us, just as we have had to learn to treat and honor her.


Rose is often used to anoint the heart center while also inspiring a deeper connection between womb and heart.
Rose Medicine brings balance to the masculine and feminine within that are in need of healing by supporting the masculine energy to soften more into heart space to deepen the capacity for empathy – Rose encourages the feminine energies to stand more firmly in strength and trust. 


Rose soothes a broken heart and supports the felt sense of love within the soul. 


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