A L O H A * L O V E S 

Here’s what my clients are saying about working with me remotely… 

“I recently had a remote session with Naomi of Maya Moon Healing Arts and was blown away at the amount of healing yumminess I could get, even over the phone.” Love – Caitlin Arce

“My sister and I did a relationship resolution healing session with Naomi Love over the phone and the results were amazing. Naomi held such a profound healing container for us to resolve the issue my sister and I have struggled with for many years. We have grown closer and more connected. Thank you” With love – Jody Newman, New Jersey

” Naomi was able to see directly into the pattern I was struggling with and helped me to release what wasn’t serving me in a supportive way. I was surprised that I felt the same results as working with her in person. ” Caroline Masters, Colorado

” Naomi, I am so thankful for our session the other day. You helped me connect more deeply into myself and my heart so I could be more fully myself. Thank you.”  Charlie Levine, New York



How do remote healing sessions work?

When you close your eyes, anything is possible… Right? You can imagine you are laying on a beach, or climbing a mountain, you can imagine you are laying by a river… this is connecting with what we call – non-ordinary reality… In this plane of consciousness anything is possible and this realm is not bound by the normal rules of time and space in the same way as ordinary reality is… Sooo…

In a remote session we, together create and hold a sacred container a place where you can deepen your connection to your soul, your heart and your body…  I am able to sense into what is blocking you, I can access the thought pathways that are not serving you anymore, and I can see where you may need to bring more breath in your body and where your life may need more light or energy. I am able to guide you on a journey to retrieve lost parts of yourself… and support you in the many practices I teach such as, self womb and belly and breast massage, Tao Tantric practices, intimacy and yoni egg rituals… we can menu plan, co-create a cleanse plan, formulate herbal teas for your needs as well as work with flower essences…

Everything is Possible… The key is… you have to show up and set your own space. That’s the one and only catch… Pour a cup of tea, light a candle and we are ready to go…


What to Expect

  • We are not separate parts and pieces, so no matter which modality has called you to me, I will look at the whole of you, the whole of your life, to see how I can best support you on your life journey.
  • My commitment to you is to meet you in loving presence, without judgment. I listen to your heart, your soul and work with you to uncover the blocks, obstacles, core beliefs, issues and traumas that are in the way of you fully being you.
  • I bring curiosity to the shamed, to the edges of resistance, to the denied parts of the self. So no matter what modality we call it, in the end it is healing, working with the mind, body, emotions, energy, the soul, the seen and the unseen to bring you back to your true essence.
  • The most important part of working together is that we build trust. The more trust there is, the deeper the healing work can go, for I can only help to the capacity to which you allow me. I ask that you commit to a minimum of three sessions, as that is the best way to see the results of working together, and is also a good way to establish trust in me and trust in the healing process.


Each session meets you where you are and no two sessions are the same.


I often give self-care guidance, herbal medicines, flower essences, as well as other supportive guidance so the work can continue to be supported at home, and to encourage a deeper integration for the shifts you desire in your life, mind, body and soul.


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