W E L C O M E * L O V E S


Inside, soft smoke curls around drums, feathers and singing bowls, tinctures, flower essences and rough cut crystals …

You get the sense that everything has it’s place and use; and it’s all just waiting for you to arrive as you are …

In this sacred space … All of you is Welcomed … and received with open arms

You feel the support of your helping spirits

of mother earth

you can hear the whispers of your soul

you have come home


What to expect in a session… 

  •  What is being held in the body. Your body is so brilliant and wise, it holds your undigested emotions and experiences, your traumas, as well as your core beliefs. Once we know what is being stored, what we are hiding from ourselves, we can then meet those places with loving presence to bring about healing.
  • You will be held in sacred space in such a way that you feel safe, seen and able to access the unowned parts of yourself, to meet those places, to transmute that which no longer serves you and invite the fullness of you back into presence.
  • Hands on healing with intention. This form of touch can be to clear energy, to bring awareness and healing to a specific area, to hold space while a deeper internal process is happening, or to work with the physical tissue. This type of touch allows your body and your soul to do the work it needs while having the space held for it. I love working with subtle touch as I have noticed the results are often more profound and longer lasting. Deeper touch is indicated when there is stagnation, something that needs an additional push from an outside force to help it move through, or for instance to help move the womb back into proper alignment. Sometimes I may be guided to do a whole body integration session which is more like a whole body massage; this is often desired but not always indicated. Other times I may be guided to work on just a few key areas of the body and by working in those places the whole body begins to shift and release.
  • Hands on healing works to release the inauthentic energies held in the body, it works to support the organs to function fully, to release the armoring held in the tissues, it creates a safe space. It supports us in digesting the undigested experiences of life that we have stored and ignored, without judgment and without shame. No matter what your experiences have been, hands on healing gives you the space, total permission to feel, to breath, to be inside yourself, to listen to what is happening at the soul level and to meet what is there with love. Pain oftentimes just needs to be witnessed AND I am here to witness, to guide and to support you on your journey. It would be my honor.


In each session I use many different earth-centered accoutrements which are traditionally used to allow the shaman, the healer to go into a trance state and to support the client in getting closer to the subconscious. The tools you may experience in a session include: botanical infused oils, drums, singing, rattles, burning of medicinal herbs, singing bowls, essential oils, flower essences, elixirs, tinctures, fresh plants, spiritual baths, steams, plant lustrations, hot stones, crystal mandalas and freshly made floral waters.


Self LOVE is a Divine Honor

To support integration and lasting results, I often give self care guidance, herbal medicines, flower essences, as well as other supportive guidance so the work can continue to be supported at home, and to encourage a deeper integration for the shifts you desire in your life, mind, body and soul.

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