So delighted to work with you!

“What brings me the greatest joy is when a person coming to me has an openness and willingness to receive, to be present with themselves and brings with them a healing intention. I love holding sacred space with the invitation for you to connect more deeply to the earth, to the divine and to your inner wisdom through loving presence. Supporting you to gently listen to what is happening at the soul level, and to encourage mastery of self care and self love in their many forms. It is my honor to be a trusted guide for you through the many levels of healing – weaving traditions, modalities, prayer and loving presence.” – Naomi


Each session is a beautiful weaving of modalities, traditions and styles of healing to truly meet you and your healing needs. With that said, each session is organic and authentic, the magic is in how I weave my education, intuition, guidance and experience together to support you and empower you on your healing journey.


I see our relationship as an equal investment.

I am truly invested in supporting you on your path to remembrance, to healing. I am invested in supporting your to fully receive and integrate the work we do together. And you are investing in yourself, and in my ability to hold sacred space for you and listen to what is happening at the soul level and help you to navigate those waters, to supporting your embodiment.


B U I L D I N G  *  T R U S T 

We can only know what we need to the level of our knowledge base and we can only receive to the capacity that we are open and willing. 

We only go where your inner wisdom is ready to go, and to where you are ready to bring awareness and healing.

I ask that you bring curiosity to any resistance that may come up for you, resistance is often an opportunity for growth, an edge that hasn’t been explored.

I ask that my clients and my students get to know me a little bit, so please read through my website and my blog so you have a broader understanding of my offerings and what I weave into each session. You will also get a sense of my personal dedication and devotion to my own growth, and to healing in general and all it entails.

Each session is authentic and inspired, we will work where you are ready to begin. The key to really profound results is in building a trusting relationship.


…. Preparing for your Session…. 

For Remote Healing Sessions I ask that you create sacred space for yourself prior to our call. Make some tea, light a candle and have a space ready to lay down if needed. Please make sure you have Skype on your computer and that you have requested me as a contact – my skype name is: naomilove. I ask that you call me via Skype at the scheduled time.

For In Person Sessions… 

  • Avoid eating right before your session.
  • Please consider this scheduled time as sacred and arrive on time. 
  • I like to empower my clients to own their own health so please bring a journal to take notes and keep track of your progress.

After a Session…

  • You may want to plan ahead and have meals made for that day, try to avoid having to go right into doing something else. Give yourself time and space to integrate.
  • Drink plenty of pure water and know that the healing work may continue for a few days so I encourage you to be gentle with yourself.
  • “Healing isn’t always pretty”… Each of us respond differently to healing, sometimes we may experience absolute bliss, sometimes we may go deep into a healing crisis or healing opportunity. I just want you to know that no matter what, I am here to support you. Please feel free to connect with me post session if you have something you need to process or share. If it is a short connection I am happy to offer that to you. If it is more in depth, I ask you schedule a session via phone or in person.

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