Maya Abdominal Massage

What Maya Abdominal Massage ?

Is a truly holistic modality which addresses the physical position of the abdominal and reproductive organs, and is supportive in restoring optimal health through nutritional therapy, cleansing, breath work, presence, self care, botanical medicines, lifestyle adjustments, spiritual healing and supportive emotional release.

Who is this modality for?

Young Women | This is a wonderful modality for young women as it helps them connect to their inner wisdom and to their reproductive and digestive system. Teaches them breath, presence and self care. If they are willing they will learn optimal nutrition for reproductive health.

Fertility | For fertility this modality helps through physically increasing blood flow and energy to the pelvis and abdomen. Working to align the womb and pelvis.

Pregnancy | Increasing circulation and general flow of energy through the abdomen which helps to relieve many symptoms associated with pregnancy. Focusing on keeping the womb, hips and sacrum in alignment helps with ease of carrying and consequently, ease of birth.

Miscarriage | Receiving care after having a miscarriage is very important for emotional, physical and spiritual health, to restore balance of the body, mind and spirit. Focusing on tonifying the tissues and placement of the organs with herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and self-care practices.

Birth | Supports the womb’s optimal position, this often helps the birthing process, making birthing shorter, easier and reducing the rate of caesarians. I am a Doula but, I am not currently taking new client. I do, however, offer coaching sessions for you and your partner to learn different positions/movements that support the mother during the birthing process.

Postpartum Care | This is absolutely necessary and highly beneficial in assisting the internal organs to gently and safely return to normal position and function. If you have had a C-section you can still receive the work, but you must wait for six weeks after the birth. Focus is on the abdomen, hips, and sacrum and will include herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, and self-care practices.

Menopause | Helps to improve blood flow throughout the pelvis and abdomen thus minimizing symptoms associated with menopause.

Men’s Health | Improves digestion and supports fertility for men.

This modality benefits adolescents to the elderly, men and woman in many phases of life. We can all benefit from good digestion, and healthy organs and flow.

To good health, naomi

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