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Tali Koziol-Thomason | Lakewood, CO

Since having my baby I haven’t been able to travel to Boulder to see Naomi in person however I have been so blessed to have her services still available. It has come time to wean my toddler and this has been a tough challenge for us. I had a wonderful phone consultation with Naomi and she asked very insightful and revealing questions to guide me through some of our challenges. She then crafted a wonderful flower essence spray to help my little girl during this tough transition time. I also mentioned to Naomi that I was working really hard to cut excess sugar out of my diet to help with my Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome and she was able to craft two essences for me as well.
Having had in-person sessions before I feel the virtual session was just as amazing. I received the same attention to detail and customized help that I received from Naomi when visiting her cottage. Naomi is such a gifted healer who is able to share her gifts fully whether in person or through a distance healing session. Thank you, Naomi!


Marian Rose | Boulder, CO

I am so grateful for you! For escorting me into my true-nature soul-land, to drink at the holy well filling up and to be reborn and remembered into the LOVE Lights once more! Blessings and brilliances to your Medicine Woman nature and gifts that you share! With love.


Kathryn | New York

I have been working with Naomi three months now via Skype and the sessions have literally changed my life. Naomi shows up with a soft loving presence, she holds sacred space and she is also very knowledgable with nutrition and herbal medicine and has supported me through healing my digestive and reproductive system while also guiding me to look deeper beyond the physical in a soft and gentle way. I highly recommend her and her work.


Steve Abel | Boulder, CO

I have seen Naomi as a client for a number of her eclectic healing sessions, and have been changed in very positive ways after each session. She weaves shamanic healing, meditation, bodywork, herbal medicine and nutrition into a unique blend that works on healing mind, body, and spirit. She brings her healing presence, intuition and extensive background to each session, and her unique combination has certainly worked for me. I highly recommend that you book a session with Naomi – I believe you will be pleased with the result.


Julia Lunk | Boulder, CO

I am thrilled to have met you. Thank you for taking me to calm places. I sat in the creek after the incredible session guided facilitated orchestrated by you, placed two rue leaves on my belly, sprinkled the creek watery herbal rain. Thank you so much. Glad to know you exist.


Anna Barrett | Denver, CO

Naomi’s classes, teachings, and mentorship have transformed my life, practice, and relationship with myself and world. I truly do not know where I would be with out her consistent and loving but firm guidance in my life. In her classes, Naomi has an undeniably magnetic presence that commands embodied attention. I have witnessed Naomi relay complex and in depth-material with ease and relatable transmission. When she speaks, students, including myself, pay attention and absorb with our entire beings. Naomi has a somewhat mysterious and magical way of meeting students entirely where they are at, allowing to arrive to the material fully as themselves. She draws authenticity, curiosity, and a willingness to ‘dive deep,’ in both her lecture and her guided movements. Her classes always include interactive learning. Naomi is a natural teacher. She provides space for the student’s inherent wisdom to arise and gives respect to their personal journey and experience. In doing so, she allows the student to draw their own conclusions, absorb her teachings, and actively apply new found material into their lives. As a movement guide, Naomi is attentive. Naomi has strong intuitive ways of working with the body in all of it’s dimensions. She teaches to the student collective, and is skilled at providing adjustments, modifications and needed support to the individual student. Naomi’s voice, music, and the flow of her words all provide for a safe space for exploration, self-care, and evolution in the body/mind/spirit. Naomi carries her years of study and extensive experience with elegance. She is constantly growing, attending workshops, and seeking knowledge. I believe it is her passion for and integration of her learning, combined with the innate gift she possesses as teacher and healer, that makes her such an impactful and magnetizing mentor.

Kate Ralls | Boulder, CO

Naomi was our birth doula shortly after conception through delivery and remains an important part of our family. Naomi has extensive experience assisting in child birth… in the most remote areas of the world. I knew if she could assist deliveries in India and Bali, she could assist mine. I also saw her weekly for prenatal maya abdominal therapy, which relieved many symptoms associated with pregnancy. Naomi helped prepare my husband and I beforehand by showing us birthing techniques, breathing techniques, as well as birthing postures my husband could do help support me in during labor, she also took me shopping for “birthing essentials”. I felt safe and secure in Naomi’s hands. Her commitment to our child’s wellbeing was just as strong as ours. I had a VERY difficult child birth in a hospital… and Naomi held the space for me and made me feel human, nurtured and cared for with ease and grace, yet, she is also professional and focused. She was a god send and I love her.

Kathy | Boulder, CO

Thank you so much for your time, energy and presence Naomi, the session was so healing and profound for me!  I’m really excited to keep working with you.

Brigitte Mars | Master Herbalist, Author and Teacher | Boulder, CO

Naomi Love brings so many skills to her profound body of work, she was a student of mine when she was 18 years old and has been blooming ever since. Her knowledge base is vast, coupled with her intuition and presence. My entire family goes to Naomi for their healing.

Shannon Paige | ERYT, Master Yoga Teacher, Poet and Muse | Boulder, CO

It is my greatest joy to spend time nourishing, healing, regenerating and amplifying my health and well-being with Naomi Boggs. She is a radiant, confident, and soothing being who is gifted at tuning her multiple modalities to the clients who see her. Her level of expertise and passion in so many wellness directions makes her the perfect health care professional and by far the most remarkable practitioner I have ever met. She is inspiring and grounding and her touch, voice, and counsel is like that of an angel!

Yesterday was amazing, like nothing I had ever experienced before. Her work was like the best parts of yoga and meditation and the most amazing somatic experience. It felt like the best kind of therapy, finding ways to move into what is painful, but at this somatic level. I have not been so relaxed, maybe ever. I left feeling like I had a new set point of calm and equanimity and had the deepest sleep last night.

Derya Ozbay | Yoga Teacher | International

I just have to tell you how exceptional Naomi is and how much I enjoyed my session with her. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease from the second I knocked on the door up until the moment I left. I didn’t feel rushed or hurried to leave and I felt that it was very easy to talk about what was going on in my body and in my life. As someone who has had little to no bodywork, I was feeling a little nervous before I went, because honestly I just didn’t know what to expect. Her space is so inviting, the cottage exudes her warmth and welcoming nature, and the work she does is phenomenal. She is very special, talented and gifted. I am soooo thankful.

Student | Denver

It’s the day after Naomi’s Hands on Maya Healing class and I had to share how I am feeling. I’ve been in what feels like a battle with myself and my body these past few months with both medical and “I’m lost” issues. Pieces have slowly begun to fall together, especially lately, but yesterday was a new landmark in my life. I came home feeling so at peace and content with my body, the world around me and my place in it-it felt truly magical. This euphoric serenity is still with me today and I wanted to thank you with all of my being for sharing it. Her workshop spoke to me on so many levels: as a woman coming to know her body, a woman yearning to take care of her body, a woman looking to connect with the world around her, a woman searching for her place in the world, etc. You spoke to all of them yesterday and I am so thankful for having been blessed with her light. I have made the exciting decision to take her 3 day Self Care Maya Abdominal Therapy workshop and absolutely can’t wait to learn more from her.

Chanda Gustafson | Maui, Hawaii

Naomi is completely knowledgeable with her techniques and applies all her experience, training and intuition to each client. She has helped me in so many ways with lifestyle changes, emotional and physical healing. Thank you!

Pier Paolo DeAngelis | Maui, Hawaii

Naomi has a multi-faceted professional experience and the great gift of tuning into the subtle energy body. I enjoy the space she creates and the unique way she works on my body with her delicate yet firm touch. I always feel Naomi’s presence during our sessions. She is connected to my energy and she is able to guide me to a place of balance. When I first saw Naomi I had troubles with both my sleep and my digestive system. She gave me dietary recommendations and herbal suggestions and taught me simple self-healing techniques. After few treatments and few weeks of following her advice, both my sleep and elimination improved dramatically. Naomi taught me that she could certainly help me to come back into balance, but that it was my responsibility to maintain such balance. Discipline is required because repetition and regularity are essentials in order to re-train the mind and body and achieve lasting changes. But after experiencing well-being, staying on track is easier than before. A better sleep and digestion not only resulted in increased vitality and clarity but also had a positive effect on my mood and behavior.

Kylie C. Higdon | Makawao, Hawaii

I came to Naomi for Maya Abdominal Massage during my 2nd pregnancy was invaluable to me. I enjoyed my pregnancy to the fullest with more energy, comfort and an ease of labor.