F A Q ‘s Apprenticeship

F A Q ‘s Apprenticeship

F A Q ‘ S  and Commonly Asked Questions

Wise Womb Medicine Apprenticeships


What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is an old world way of learning. A student finds a teacher who is often considered by their community a master in their field. The student learns in what we call the oral tradition, which describes how the information is passed down from generation to generation, from teacher to student.

The student receives, what is called the transmission, which is the energetic vibration behind what is being taught, and contains within it a lot of power! It makes what is being learned become more cellular.

The relationship between student and teacher is a more profound as the Master is profoundly invested in their student receiving the transmission as the student will be the next in line to share this work, and in order to share the work there needs to be a high level of embodiment and knowledge.

Apprenticeship is a higher level of education because you are required to show up, to do your work, to look inside and to humble the places you think you know so that you can learn on a more profound level than ever imagined. This way of learning is through personal embodiment, experience, transmission, lecture AND through receiving your own personal healing, practicing on others, and all the while having the loving support of your teacher.


Why work through Apprenticeship?

I have studied myself in this way, learning directly from Masters, spending time with them as mentors, traveling with them, receiving healings from them, practicing on them. I noticed receiving education in this way really gave me an edge others don’t have in their healing work. And I feel the biggest difference was because I learned through apprenticeship which gave me a powerful transmission, a powerful confidence in what I was offering because I was working so closely with my teachers. 

My teachers were invested in me, as I was their apprentice, I was going to ultimately be a reflection of them and their work. Having that deep relationship with my teachers also brought up a lot of my “personal stuff” and part of working with a teacher in this way is that we are committed to working it out together, I had and continue to have the willingness to humble myself and see where my resistance is keeping me from fully seeing, or where my denials are or my defenses are up AND in this paradigm this is a reciprocal relationship we are creating a sacred contract to love and honor each other and to work our stuff out together and to support one another, we are choosing to stand in integrity and we are choosing the path to awakening. We are looking at where we think we are in alignment and not, we are looking at our deepest places that we hide even from ourselves because in order to be a TRUE healer in this lineage – You have to BE DOING YOUR WORK! And willingness to soften around the edges of resistance is a huge key in being able to do so.

How do the Apprenticeship Programs work?

Firstly, I can’t accept just anyone which means – Any woman is welcome but this program isn’t just for any woman. Students have to be a match for me. I have to connect to you through a personal check in. This is a sort of interview process where I get a sense of you and what your needs are, I can SEE where your blocks are where you are in your personal evolutionary process and I am able to determine if we are a match or not in this mini check in. Because we are working so intimately it is important that we cultivate and hold a powerful container together and sometimes we are just not a match!

The way it works is a out of the ordinary and rather Extraordinary!

Once you are accepted in as an apprentice you are welcomed into the sisterhood.

We are a collective of women devoted to personal growth, being in right relationship, we are truth seekers, heart healers, students of life and all of us support one another in being in your truth, and sharing your authenticity.


There is an in person/ class portion of the apprenticeship that is offered a couple times a year, in Boulder, Co and in Maui, Hawaii.

The classes are a beautiful coming together in community and sacred sisterhood. This is a place where you are invited to go deep into the truth of your essence, your true nature, to be authentic and to learn and embody the transmission, the practices, the healing. Whenever two or more are gathered the energy is amplified! These classes will profoundly shift your experience of being a woman, being intimate, being able to share your heart.

The class portions work in a level system. We begin with level one and continue from there, each level building upon the previous. Each level taking the work to a deeper place within you – Remember this is the oral tradition which works through embodiment, through personal growth, through practice, through experience, and often repeating information so we can receive it in different ways… Each level, taking all that you have learned, even deeper into the core of you! You will continually be learning new practices, new techniques, honing skills and doing your own personal work.

How many levels are there… ?

How many levels there are, depends on many things… The level of embodiment, the level in which the students are getting it, the level of how they are receiving the transmission and how it is being expressed outwardly.



LEVEL ONE is focused on self love and personal healing while also teaching you how to do this work with others you must first embody it yourself, taking the work, the practices, into your own life so you can then share them from a place of inner knowing! Upon graduation, you will be able to offer Wise Womb Medicine techniques on self and others, as well as offer Spiritual Healing, Forgiveness Ritual and more, to friends, family and clients as well as hold Earth Centered Women’s Circles.

LEVEL TWO is more earth centered/clinical applications of Wise Womb Medicine techniques, focusing on honing your skill set and deepening your embodiment from what you received in Level One. You will learn the Level Two Wise Womb Protocol and we will begin the journey into herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and flower essences to support emotional, physical and spiritual processes. You will learn how to facilitate one day Wise Womb Medicine workshops which you can offer to your community. Each level is still very much focused on your personal healing and spiritual evolution so self care and personal healing practices will be woven into each day.

LEVEL THREE is deepening in everything listed above in level one and two, as well as going more deeply into how to support trauma, advanced Wise Womb Medicine techniques as well as deepening your capacity to become a facilitator and space holder to be able to facilitate three day Wise Womb Medicine Workshops. As I was guided by spirit to offer this style of program to ensure a deep embodiment of each student, each sister who graduates is required to test out with me in order to become a Certified Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner.

Optional Module: Wise Womb Pregnancy & Postpartum care.

Level Four is for those who desire to become a Certified Wise Womb Medicine Teacher. We will focus on honing your skills as a teacher and space holder as well as go deeply into each aspect of Wise Womb Medicine to ensure full embodiment and skills are a match.

Level Five is focused most specifically on becoming a Priestess. We will learn how to prepare and hold ceremony for personal transformation, community healing and more. We will work with Kava, Cacao and Fire in our ceremonies.

Apprenticeship Deepening Opportunities ….

Where are you ready to go?


Is a great way to deepen your level of embodiment and wonderful for those who want to learn how to become space holders, or who would like to become teachers. You learn a lot when you assist a training you have taken, you get the information in your cells in a different way. This is how I have deepening in anything I have wanted to master!

After you graduate from a level you can apply to become an assist to that level of class at any time, any where it is offered. I have a couple of types of Assistant Roles – One is as a space holder, emotional support and the other is for logistical support. Often we have to work up to being able to hold emotional space for students process and the roles are not taken lightly and do require you to fully show up! 

You are also welcome to attend any level again for 1/2 price. 

MENTORSHIP | One on One Option

After attending the in person portion of the programs together we assess where it is you want to go and the concentration and focus of where you see your work going both for yourself for your service to the world. This can look many different ways depending on the concentration you want to focus on.

Examples of Possibilities of Deepening in Independent Study

  • Self Inquiry 
  • Shamanic & Spiritual Healing 
  • Herbal Medicine (includes flower essences, herbal remedies & aromatherapy)
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Embodied Movement
  • Women’s Care
  • Tao Tantra
  • Holding Women’s Circles
  • Teaching Classes
  • Trauma Healing
  • Weaving your own work into this work
  • Business Support, Business Coaching
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Holistic Cleansing
  • Energy Hygiene
  • Emotional Alchemy
  • Ritual & Ceremony
  • Intuitive Counseling
  • Womb Work
  • Home & Land Clearing and Blessings
  • Manifesting, Co-Creating, Visioning, Dreaming


Let’s circle back to how the apprenticeship works.

Practicing on one another

It is important that students continue to practice with their fellow sisters, even if it is via skype when in person is not an option. This is a way to learn what you don’t know, and learn what you know. This is a HUGE part of the programs.

Remote Assisting

Option One:

There is this beautiful process where I have a student working in person with a client and I am dialed in remotely via skype. I am actually able to guide the healing where the student then follows my guidance. This is SO amazing and a wonderful way to learn the intricacies of how I think about and go about a healing session.

Option Two:

As part of the curriculum, you will offer a session to a client and skype me in to witness, this is an amazing way to learn!!

In Person Session Assist

In these sessions you have the opportunity to assist my in person healing sessions. This is an AMAZING way to learn.

Practicing on the Teacher

As you move up in the levels, you also begin to practice on me, this is a huge part of the students deepening process.

I am a seer – so a cool super power that happens is when you are working with me, I bring to you exactly what you are good at helping people with! It is a great way to learn what your spirit is good at supporting! This can profoundly change your life, because so often we don’t know what our gifts are and there is often a disparity between what we love and what we do.

As you can see the apprenticeship can go where you desire to go and are willing to go. Depending the how deep you want to go and what you want to learn we can continue to work together for years to come. My intention is to cultivate a deep relationship with each student in supporting them on their path to awakening and remembrance of the truth of themselves and to support them in sharing themselves, their hearts with the world.  

What the Program Rate DOES include:

How each person chooses to continue with mentorship outside of class varies. Each program includes sessions with me either in person or remote sessions depending on where I am holding the class. 

Each program has a different twist of what is included in the tuition.

Tuition may include:

  • The In Person Class depending on which you are signing up for.
  • The Program Manual
  • 2 Remote Coaching or Healing Sessions
  • Pay ½ the total tuition if you want to retake a level as a participant.
  • Ongoing FB group support for case studies & client questions.
  • Access to my password protected posts for Self Love Practices and Self Care Practices.
    • Handouts, Access to Recorded Practices, Intake Forms etc.
  • 2 yearly Group check in’s /healing calls.
  • Graduation Ceremony (each level has a completion, graduation ceremony)
  • Certification of Completion of upon the completion of each level..
  • 1st year Free – Contact info will be shared on the Wise Womb Collective, a referral network of amazing women who have studied with me. After 1st year it is $35.00 annual fee.


What Tuition does NOT cover:

Additional remote mentoring or coaching sessions.

Extra class supplies – massage tables, food, accommodations, drums, charcoal, herbs etc.


Who are these programs for?

These programs are for those who are ready and willing to walk their path, for those who are ready to listen to their inner WILD SACRED SELF…. and share her with the world…

For those willing to explore themselves.. the unseen mysterious world … for those who want to offer healing out to their communities, friends and family or for those that just want to be supported on their journey to reclaiming to RE-WILDING themselves… THIS IS FOR YOU!

This path is a way of life… It is connecting with the helping spirits, the nature spirits, the light workers, the light beings… It is connecting with Mother Earth, her plants, the elements, the directions…Above and below… it is about connecting to your sex to your heart… it is about awakening and remembering pleasure… it is about shifting the old ways the old beliefs…and becoming the truth of YOU…

Student Expectations

What is important to me is that we are all kind, respectful and loving to one another, that each of you be willing to do your work and to participate fully in the program.

It is important to me that you each come from a place of ‘enoughness’, of fullness, knowing that competition and scarcity will come up for each of us; to acknowledge those feelings, and to commit to fully coming back to a place of support.

We are building a collective, a community, and within this group I ask that we support each other, and that you know that you are held in sacred space.

This is a personal healing journey as much as a training, and it is important to me that you each hold sacred space for yourselves and each other.

We all have the opportunity to learn from this amazing collective, I know this will be a powerful group and I am looking forward to learning from each of you. Respect for each other and for my role as guide is crucial to an empowering and smooth experience for all.

This way of study and learning requires a deep level commitment and devotion to personal growth and professional development.

Are you READY?

… Commonly Asked Questions …

Can I go straight from one level to another?

Honestly it really depends on the level of embodiment you have. This is determined on a case by case basis. Because embodiment is the KEY here, it is important that you are able to have integration time between programs to deepen in yourself. Part of the process is also practicing with your fellow sisters outside of class. 


How much time do I set aside in my week to complete the outside of class homework?

In the Boulder program because I am visiting you have a short time to work together. Please set aside enough time to get practiced on and to practice on at least 1 x per week as well as fully participate in the program. 


Do you offer Payment Plans?

YES! You are welcome to pay the deposit and from there we can create a payment structure that works for you. Please note that the payment plan options are a little more expensive than the pay in full options.

Tuition is due in FULL before the first day of class.


I can’t make the whole program, can I still come?

NO! I am so sorry but students are required to show up to the whole of the program as we are creating a sacred and safe sisterhood, and having someone not there can deeply impact how the participants feel within the collective.


Why do you have so many levels, I could go somewhere else and get certified in a week…

Well my loves, you can… And I am more invested in your embodiment and truly receiving this work into your cells. I find when people have done just short trainings they miss something. You can only receive to the capacity that you are open and the work can only go as deep as it is allowed. I am more interested in you getting it, and doing it from your heart, from a place of knowledge, embodiment and experience. It is because of this lack I see out there in the world of study that I have been so driven to work in this way. Each woman moves and deepens in her own timing, some may move through their embodiment faster than another, I may invite some sisters to skip a level based on their embodiment. And this is what sets my program apart. I am invested in you.

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