Energy Healing

Energy Healing

E N E R G Y   M E D I C I N E

 “Our bodies are designed to run on 100% of our own vibrational energy, and when we become too depleted it opens the gateway to dis-ease. I believe that our birthright is to have all of our life force/energy/chi/prana with us so that we may create our life path with joy.” Vanessa Castro 

Energy healing is a process of journeying to our true essence, releasing that which no longer serves us, that which isn’t you, releasing core beliefs held in the body, letting go of anything that isn’t your true divine essence. Anytime we release something we want to be sure to fill that empty space back up, by filling it with our Divine Light, calibrated to your true vibration. Sessions can be in person or via skype.

As with Shamanism, Energy Healing has changed my life. As a medium and empath I didn’t know I was absorbing other people’s energy, which was leaving me tired, overwhelmed, exhausted and sometimes confused. Once I began learning that I was gifted in these ways, I learned how to have better energetic boundaries, which means I am now much better (still not perfect!) at not absorbing other people’s energies, and at knowing what is me and what is not, at knowing what is mine and what is not mine.

Everything is energy

We as a culture don’t pay much conscious attention to the energy of things, most of us end up holding on to energy that isn’t ours, dulling our own energy, which effects our overall health and wellbeing. We could all benefit from receiving energy healings and clearings and to learn basic spiritual hygiene, just as we brush our teeth and take a shower, we can clear what isn’t us to come more fully back into our true essence.

With Love and Light – naomi

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