Art of Living and Eating

Food is something that many of us have the luxury of eating everyday, and most of us don’t know what, when or how to eat. Culturally, we have turned the simplicity of choice into complexity of indecision. We no longer know the source of our food, who it comes from or what is in it. Food has become something that comes in a box or a can, something we can pick up in a drive thru or something that contains ingredients we can’t even pronounce. The concept of food and eating have strayed far from their origins.

What’s right for me? We have the media telling us, “butter is bad and margarine is good” and then years later changing their minds and saying; “no, margarine is bad and butter is good”. The latest fad diet books tell us what to eat and what not to eat. Personal trainers and nutritionists often don’t agree on how to eat healthily or exercise correctly. Friends judge us based on the latest diet they are on and tell us “you should do it too”. No one seems to agree upon what healthy living really is and we are left sorting through all of this information trying to find what is true for us

Mind, Emotions and Nutrition are inextricably interrelatedOur society now has an abundance of food related issues; clinical eating disorders, body-image issues, overeating, binge eating, “should-ing” on ourselves for what we ate, or “knowing better”, which can create feelings of guilt. We have become heroic cleansers, vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists, chronic dieters, etc., and for many of us it is still not working, we are not getting the lasting, sustainable results we desire. We tend towards detoxing and retoxing then back to detoxing. Yoyo-ing is more harmful to the body than eating in the way you were eating previous to the dieting! We can’t seem to control ourselves, we find the latest diet book, we start on the new diet, then…

Life gets in the way. We start with the excusesI am too busy, things are stressful, the kids are having a bad day, work is just hard right now, I don’t have the time to eat well, I am going on vacation, I have to travel for work, you name it, we say it to ourselves. Whether we are stressed or relaxed, nutrition and self-care, including exercise, seem to take the back burner, in reality they are the driving forces in our lives’.

Our choices manifest as health or dis-ease. We have come to believe that the daily, weekly or monthly discomforts we experience, such as; fatigue, acne, headaches, eczema, constipation, anxiety, joint pain, PMS, cramps, depression, gas, bloating, belching and nausea are simply normal. These ailments are not normal, they have just become the norm.

Real health begins when you are inspired to make the choice to shift out of unsupportive patterns and step into a healthy, more inspired you! Finding the right kind of support can be very important to ensure lasting results. Just picture waking up feeling refreshed, making healthy choices throughout the day and feeling good in your mind and body as you move through the world! This is possible, we are not here to suffer, but to thrive!

Together we will create a personalized program tailored specifically to your health goals. I will guide, empower and inspire you to make healthy exercise and lifestyle choices in support of a lifetime of sustainable vitality; and I will help you to navigate the often overwhelming world of contradictory nutritional advice, to find what foods and habits support healthy living for you.

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