This is your invitation, My Love…

To come home to yourself…

To be held in your sacredness and seen just as you are.

To connect to your true essence…

It is time, Dear One…

To claim your soul’s gifts… to discover the path of your Heart.



Now is your time.



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In Person Healing

Inside, soft smoke curls around drums, feathers and singing bowls, tinctures, flower essences and rough cut crystals …

You get the sense that everything has it’s place and use; and it’s all just waiting for you to arrive as you are …

In this sacred space … All of you is Welcomed … and received with open arms

You feel the support of your helping spirits

of mother earth

you can hear the whispers of your soul

you have come home… 

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Remote Healing

“I recently had a remote session with Naomi of Maya Moon Healing Arts and was blown away at the amount of healing yumminess I could get, even over the phone.” Love – Caitlin Arce

“My sister and I did a relationship resolution healing session with Naomi Love over the phone and the results were amazing. Naomi held such a profound healing container for us to resolve the issue my sister and I have struggled with for many years. We have grown closer and more connected. Thank you” With love – Jody Newman, New Jersey

”Naomi was able to see directly into the pattern I was struggling with and helped me to release what wasn’t serving me in a supportive way. I was surprised that I felt the same results as working with her in person. ” Caroline Masters, Colorado

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Inside, soft smoke curls around drums, feathers and singing bowls, tinctures, flower essences and rough cut crystals …

You get the sense that everything has it’s place and use; and it’s all just waiting for you to arrive as you are …

In this sacred space … All of you is Welcomed … and received with open arms

You feel the support of your helping spirits

of mother earth

you can hear the whispers of your soul

you have come home


…. Gently looking at what is being held in the body….
Our body is so brilliantly wise … it holds our undigested emotions … experiences …  traumas … and core beliefs.
Hands on healing helps to support the awakening to what is being stored…. through gentle inquiry and presence…
Once we become aware of what is being stored … what we are hiding … we know what needs healing …
.. this is the invitation into the unwinding … the unraveling.. to make space for your true nature…
When we nurture these unacknowledged or disowned parts, we have more energy to be present because there isn’t so much unconscious energy trying to keep our shadows in hiding…  we make space for the trasmutation … the healing of these shadow aspects of the self…
This work is intended to support a depth of presence to reconnect you to your inner wisdom, to your soul.
You will be held in sacred space in such a way that you feel safe, seen and able to let go of that which no longer serves you and invite the fullness of you back into presence.


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Weaving loving presence with the many medicines in the medicine pouch to fully support you, The Sacred Feminine in listening to your soul, in coming home to your body, to healing the sex & awakening your sexuality, to bring love and healing to the parts that need it, so you can fully embrace the essence of you.

Let us live from a place of authentic creative expression. Let us OWN our bodies, and listen to their needs, let us love from a place of truth and vulnerability, let us fully receive love, pleasure and joy into our body, into our souls.

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… We are all starved for is true in to me see …

Supporting couples to drop in, and truly share intimacy.

Leaving the words behind, finding presence with each other through the sacred breath, sharing what is in your heart and soul through your eyes.

Connecting with each other beyond this physical realm, coming back to the remembrance together.

This work supports a deeper more sacred connection between partners who are starving for intimacy, who want to deepen their heart and love connection.

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Shamanic healing can be powerful and transformative for the mind, body and spirit. In a shamanic session, we are creating a sacred container for you to drop deeply into a relaxed state of consciousness, similar to hypnotherapy, where we then connect to the earth, to the helping spirits & guides, while you are held in a safe and scared container. Together we are working in partnership with the helping spirits and your inner wisdom to lovingly release anything that isn’t you all the while calling your holy, whole and healed parts home. This work is both subtle and deep, intense and soft. The work goes where you are ready to go, where you are ready to bring healing.

S H A M A N I C   J O U R N E Y 

As a Shamanic Guide, I lovingly guide you through your shamanic healing experience, while working in partnership with the helping spirits and your inner wisdom. Guiding you creates a dynamic experience where I can then more profoundly track what’s happening, helping you navigate your own inner world and experience. I am able to listen to the spirit realm and translate back to you what I see and hear. Working this way is very empowering as you get the chance to be a part of the experience, rather than me journeying for you, which is the traditional way this work is usually done.

S O U L   R E T R I E V A L 

Soul retrieval is indicated when there is what is known as soul loss and I have a few varying ways to speak of soul loss. Soul loss happens when one experiences a trauma, heart break, sudden grief, fear, fright, sadness, or abuse of any kind.  Soul retrieval can also be indicated as a treatment for the empathic person who tends to absorb other people’s energy or tends to give their energy away. This often manifests as a feeling of being overwhelmed, when you cant manage your own life or emotional experiences. You are meant to run 100% on our own vibrational energy and when you absorb energy that isn’t yours,  it can manifest as dis-ease, overwhelming emotions, chaos, disharmony, irritation, anxiety or depression. Soul retrieval calls the parts and pieces that are ready to come home, home, so that you can rest more fully in the trueness, the wholeness of you.

S H A M A N I C   E X T R A C T  I O N 

There are many ways that we take on energy that isn’t ours, and Shamanic Extraction is basically lovingly getting rid of anything that isn’t you to make more space for all that is you to fully come home. This body of work is indicated when there is a possession, which can take on many forms. I have found that often we think that the demons, the darkness, is not ours, when in many cases it is a part of ourselves, a part we have shamed or denied and this demon, so to speak, begins to speak louder and louder because it’s needing something, it’s needing to be heard, seen or acknowledged. Thought forms can turn into an entity or demon, because that is where we have put our energy for so many years or core belief’s that we have denied can become entities because it takes a lot of unconscious energy to keep them hidden, so they are constantly fed in some ways by the energy we use to shame and hide that which we don’t want to see or feel. And there can also be entities that aren’t us, that are outside of us, that can take up residence in us, this work will feed the unowned parts that are you, so they can be transmuted into your allies. For that which isn’t you, we work to remove these beings or entities, sending them back to the healing light.  This work is transformative and life changing AND often needs a follow up session or two to ensure your integration goes smoothly.

H E A L I N G    W I T H   S P I R I T U A L   L I G H T 

Healing with spiritual light is one way to infuse you with healing light of the divine, calibrated to the human vibration, to your true essence. Healing with spiritual light helps to recalibrate the soul, the body and the mind and supports the integration process.

T R A N S M U T I N G  T H E   S H A D O W 

This is a beautiful process of meeting those places we deny, dis-own and shame with loving presence. We give them space to be seen, heard and acknowledged. Through this process we are able to transmute this shadow into the ally. You are then able to commune with this ally, and call upon it as you need in your life. This process is profound at getting to the root of anything in the way of living from our truth, looking at any aspect of our experience that creates suffering, then ultimately bringing love, compassion and light to the perceived dark places that resides inside us.

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I have a few blog posts on Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Healing, Energy Medicine, Rattles, Drumming – Reading these posts will also help you to understand more about this work.

Ceremony is an important aspect to living life, ceremonies often mark special times in our lives…

In earth centered cultures ceremonies are often used to clear and cleanse people and land, to bring the community together, to bring healing, to call upon the elements, to deepen the connection to mother earth, great spirit and the great mystery.

Ceremonies are important when we are ready to clear something we have been working to release or surrender up, as well as when we want to call on the support of the helping spirits for something important in our lives.

When the community gathers with intention for healing, to offer up, to have sacred space held for them, the energy is amplified and can inspire great healing and life changes.

No matter which kind of ceremony we are offering, we are also healing the land and space where the ceremony is held. The earth knows these ways, these practices and opens her arms to welcome them.


I offer Ixchel Healing Ceremonies for Women, Cacao & Kava Ceremonies, Fire Ceremonies as well as Blessing Ceremonies. Each ceremony has it’s specific intention.

Ixchel Healing Ceremony is an all women’s ceremony that is used for deep healing. This is specific for women because Ixchel is the Maya Goddess of Women’s healing and health. To learn more about there visit my musings

Cacao ceremonies are used to support the opening of the heart, sharing of the heart with your community and is often combined with a fire ceremony.

Kava Ceremonies are used to support opening the heart and to open communication thus deepening our ability for intimacy with ourselves as well as our community.

Blessing Ceremonies 

In earth-centered cultures it is a customary practice to clear and Blessing Ceremonies in one’s home or land. There is a basic understanding that we are building a relationship with the space or land in which we live/work. By creating a harmonious relationship with the spirit(s) of the land we can live in more ease and connection. Imagine sitting in a peaceful environment, everyone is whispering, sipping tea, snacking on delicious treats, and enjoying the space, when suddenly a loud, obnoxious drunk person comes into the space and starts yelling at everyone and begins to take whatever they see, filling their pockets and then leaving in a rage. Imagine how disruptive that would be to the energy of the people who were relaxing, and to the space. This example shows you how the earth may experience us as humans, charging in, taking what we want without honor, without permission, without gratitude. A blessing ceremony is a way of honoring the land, the space and deepening that harmonious connection to the place in which we live or work.

A Blessing Ceremony recalibrates the vibrational energy, ridding the space of anything that doesn’t belong; it breaks up stagnation, and clears the energetic cobwebs, creating space for light and lightness.

We are creating a harmonious relationship with the spirits of the land beneath the home or office, we are raising the vibrational quality making the space light, clean and clear. A blessing ceremony can take anywhere from an hour to many hours depending on the space and what needs to be cleared. Often with a blessing ceremony the people who live or work in the space also need to be a part of the ceremony in some way.

Within the initial consult, I will determine if you should have your space deeply cleaned prior to the ceremony. After the ceremony I may give you specific guidance to support the work we did, and may request that you rearrange certain things in your space to ensure proper energy flow.

Receiving a blessing ceremony shifts the vibrational energy so much so that if done in your home, you may notice you sleep better, feel more peaceful and that the space feels more vibrant.

In an office, you may notice similar results; along with increased business, obstacles that were once there have dissolved, and you may even enjoy going to work more!

If done for land, you may feel as though the magic of the land has been reignited and you may also feel a deeper connection to the land around you.


Schedule a Ceremony  Consultation

The ultimate purpose of this body of work is to bring us back to our true essence, to heal the core beliefs we have so cleverly built our lives around and that are no longer serving us, to look at ourselves in love and compassion, to move towards a more authentic divine expression of ourselves rather than being bogged down by shoulds, by the past, by the hurt, by the victimization that often comes with trauma and pain.  

To find freedom, to be comfortable in our own skin, to find a sanctuary when we close our eyes, to be ok with being with ourselves, and to find a sense of inner peace, even amongst the chaos of life, to know we are enough as we are, to sift out what is truth and what is not, so we may come back to the truth of our divine authentic expression of true essence.


Learning your soul’s language and being able to name your emotional experience is a pathway to freedom. Most of us haven’t been taught how to get in touch with our emotional experiences, how to healthfully communicate those experiences, or even how to BE with them. We have become so accustomed to avoiding and suppressing, we have become masters at deceiving ourselves. With spiritual counseling you will learn simple and effective ways to support your self inquiry process, to be able to understand what you are experiencing and hear what it is that you actually need from yourself. You will learn how to process your emotions, your thoughts, and feelings to become a master of noticing. You will begin to see where the contracts and agreements you have made with others come from and how you may continue to sign and uphold these contracts that are no longer serving you.

Emotional Alchemy is a process of looking at your basic belief systems, the stories you tell yourself, we investigate what is true and what is false; what beliefs you may have bought into that have become part of you, in order to find where you are out of alignment with your personal truths. This is a process of uncovering who you are and embracing all parts of yourself. Meeting yourself in loving presence, listening to your needs and honoring who you are. This process helps you to slow things down, gently inquiring as to what is happening under the surface, to access the places where you need healing most.

This work supports you in gaining mastery and skill in self care, self awareness and self love, and will ultimately change your life!

It teaches you how to come fully back to love, to truth and to the fullness of YOU!

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…Join me for Personal Healing Retreats on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii…

Many people come to Maui for healing, so why not dive into a deeply transformative personal healing retreat?

Imagine co creating the life you want and working to clear and remove the obstacles in the way of living your life the way you have always dreamed.

Now is the time for transformation.. Now is the time to WAKE UP!

… to live your dreams, to clear the old, to own the shadow, to honor yourself … 

The reason I am offering this form of healing is because in a 90 min session we can receive great benefit and great healing AND something is missing… we can’t go to those deep places of resistance because they don’t show themselves in a healing session, most of the time those parts of the self show up when we are home and alone… How often has a practitioner or healer given you suggestions of self care for when you get home and you just never do it? Or have you ever gone to therapy and you start to see a pattern you keep repeating and when you get home you can’t seem to remember what the pattern was or how you are responsible for it?


Wouldn’t it be amazing to spend 3 days with a healer, to learn and participate in the rituals, ceremonies, healing ways? Wouldn’t it be amazing to cook with a nutritional chef? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone listening to the song of your soul and encouraging you to listen too? Wouldn’t you LOVE to be held in sacred, nourishing space a place where ALL OF YOU IS WELCOME and met with LOVE?


A Personal Healing Retreat Could Include

menu planning – nutritional therapy – cleanse guidance –  herbal medicine – flower essences to support the souls evolution – ritual – ceremony – hands on healing – emotional alchemy – intimacy coaching – meditation – breath work – embodied movement – shamanic healing … learning and experiencing the how to’s of self care.


This way of receiving healing is far more profound than any other way of working because we have the opportunity to go deeper with yourself and a deeper connection and level of trust happens between us. A 3-day retreat is equivalent to 6 months of therapy…

Let’s co-create these magical and profound three days together.


Personal Retreats start at $1500.00 per 3 day’s and includes one daily shared meal, two remote sessions, one to prepare for our time together and one to support integration upon your return home.


Schedule a Personal Retreat Consultation 

A weaving of earth centered healing and yoga to inspire you into the embodiment of your true essence … to inspire a deeper connection to mother Earth.

Classes will include gentle and slow movement, aromatherapy, guided visualizations, and earth centered accoutrements to harmonize the mind, body & spirit.

Weaving presence, guidance, and gentle movement to inspire you to rest fully in yourself.

Embodied Vinyasa – This is a slow, yet deep practice, focusing on breath, alignment and a progression of poses to open the energy channels of the body, to bring deeper presence and connection between the mind, body and spirit.

Anjali Restorative Yoga – a highly regarded, deep, and nurturing style of yoga. Through this thoughtful practice of intentional rest, the body is supported by bolsters, pillows, and blankets. The mind and breath are guided through gentle images and practices. The effect is profoundly restful and serene.

Bhava Vinyasa – the healing power of embodied breath informs this elegant practice. Potent, rich, and radiant this practice allows us to reach into the very essence of how we see ourselves.  The practice is a vinyasa, linking strength and aligned grace, posture-to-posture and breath-to-breath, with a sweet and steady current of images, ideas, and provocative moments of self-reflection.  The session is split to include time spent in movement of a well-guided dynamic nature, mirrored by the later half of class in sustained, gentle Anjali Restorative Yoga poses.

Somatic Movement – Finding presence through breath and gentle movements allows for a profound internal body awareness. This modality teaches recognition and release of chronic pain patterns resulting from injury, stress, repetitive motion strain or habituated postures. Through gentle slow assisted movements we work to connect breath with body and reprogram the sensory motor cortex of the brain, re-establishing congruent communication between the brain, the nervous system and the muscles to gently unwind holding patterns in the body, replacing them with healthy new patterns.

The plants call us home, to our truth, they nourish us from the inside out, they reignite our connection to mother earth… 

They bring healing to places we can’t touch inside our bodies… they gently our soul. 


The plants are the origin of many current allopathic medicines, they are often feared (or abused), rather than revered. Each plant is as unique as each of us, each with their own medicinal and healing benefits, each working with a different part of the body, mind and spirit.

The plants are what inspired me, led me into the healing realm in the first place, and I have continued to study them for over twenty years. Herbal medicine is used in a variety of ways and forms. Plants can be used internally as teas, tinctures, flower essences, wild foods, elixirs and cordials. Or externally, in infused oils, salves, lotions, herbal baths, plant brushings, plant limpias or as sprays, spritzers, botanical waters and essential oils.

 Each plant uniquely supports us in all aspects of living a healthy life.

Medicinal plants have been used since the beginning of our time on Earth, connecting with the plants, calling on them to be our allies can be very healing, supportive and nutritive. Botanical medicine consultations include an extensive health assessment to see what areas your life,  mind, body and spirit need support. Depending on what your healing needs are, you will receive personalized formulas in whichever form best suits you and your healing journey.

In addition to my use of Botanics in my healing practice I also have a  humble apothecary sharing my elixirs, cordials, flower essences, teas, tinctures, tonics, steams, and infused oils. Please visit  The Apothecary and  check out my latest offerings.

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“The actions of these remedies is to raise our vibrations and open up our channels for reception of our higher spiritual self.”

Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of the plants. We can say that they work in a similar way to inspirational music or art, which carry meaning through the vehicle of sound or light, while the flower essences work through the medium of water.

Flower Essences work through you … by subtly yet deeply influencing your awakening.

Flower essences help to support us by teaching us through gaining self awareness of our energetic imbalances; and they actually guide our inner awareness to our patterns, our core beliefs, all of which are keeping us from living in our truth, in love and in alignment with our soul.

Flower essences are a type of Soul Therapy

Flower Essences are made with the flowering blossoms of a plant, and can be prepared through a sun or moon infusion, using a crystal bowl and pure spring water. It is then further diluted, potentized, and then preserved with brandy. These preparations embody the distinct bioenergetic imprints of the unique flower.

In a flower essence consultation we will look at the whole of you, where you have ease and flow in your life, and where there is more struggle or congestion. We will look at the way your mind works, how you manage your emotional experiences, to then create you a personalized formula to support those areas within you that need healing.

Each formula is personalized and then potentized with your intention, thus amplifying the results. Flower essences can be used internally or externally in a spray or lotion, or added to your bath, drinking water, etc. Implementing your formulas in your life is both easy and pleasurable.


Schedule a Healing Session [/neko_button

What we eat and how we eat it seems to be a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, how we feel in the world, and how well our digestion works or doesn’t work seems to be related to how we are able to digest and assimilate the world and our experience of it.

Nutritional therapy isn’t just about getting the right diet for you! Rather it’s a process of figuring out, listening deeply, becoming present,  and seeing the correlation between, mind, body and emotions and the way life is reflecting back to you what you need to learn or work more deeply on.

Through education and empowerment, I teach you about mindful & intuitive eating.

We can only know what is good for us to the level we are aware or educated, once you are educated in basic holistic nutrition, you can let your intuition and inner wisdom be your guide. Through effective implementing you will begin to see what your relationship is to food and to your body and to the world and how these are all woven together creating either health or dis-ease.

Nutritional Therapy consultations include an in depth look at your life and how you live it, and where there is stagnation, or dis-harmony both in yourself, and how you relate to the world. I have found that we as humans get really eager to make changes and then loose steam, so I ask for a commitment of working together for 6 months, whether in person or remotely, in order for you to see effective changes.

Schedule a Healing Session

Together we will co-create your unique healing cleanse depending on your individual goals and intentions. We will work to figure out what dietary changes you need to make, as well as what self care practices you may want to incorporate to support your program.

If you would like to take your cleanse deeper than food and basic daily habits, we will look to see what other areas of your life; relationships, life patterns, etc., that may need inspiration, healing or clarity. I can then help you to come up with simple yet effective techniques, rituals and self care practices to bring those areas of your life into greater alignment.

Maya Moon’s program is designed to inspire you to:

love yourself enough to…

heal, to love, to breathe deeply, to eat healthily, to nourish, to care, to live, to deepen, to listen, and to be fully you.

I do this program myself every year, and for me it’s a life changer! I find taking this time out to honor my self, my life, to be present, to do all those things I put off because I am too busy, to eat well and to nourish myself, to be more still so I can hear my inner wisdom and feel my divine connection, makes a huge difference, enabling me to thrive under all of life’s pressures. I have had some incredible and amazing personal experiences during the cleanses, they can be very transformative!

If you would like to read about one of my personal experiences visit my blog here. 

Cleanse Program Includes

  • Initial Consultation
  • Nourishing Herbal Teas – to support the body’s natural cleansing process
  • Personalized Flower Essence – to support emotional wellbeing
  • Herbal Powders – to support the body’s natural cleansing process
  • Email and phone support throughout your program
  • Investment  $225 — 21 days
    • Investment varies depending on duration of cleanse, and amount of support desired or needed.
    • Does not include other possible recommended supplements
    • All herbal formulas are made with organic, ethically wildcrafted herbs


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Are you ready for divine self-care at home?

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